So many people live their life focused on the things they DON’T want.  They spend their time worried about what they DON’T want to happen and they literally attract it into their lives subconsciously.

I call them “don’t” minded people.  Don’t minded people live the definition of insanity.

“Don’t minded people have no passion or power to attract anything amazing into their lives.  

This is why I focus on what you DO want not what I don’t.

“DO” minded people can’t help but manifest their dreams because every moment is colored with extreme passion, hope and excitement.  

They are a joy to be around.  When they walk into a room the lights get brighter.  They draw people in with their infectious attitude.  They are true leaders that lead by DOING.  They are eternal optimists who spend each day imagining possibilities.

“DON’T” minded people are skeptical that anything good can happen.  If they won the lottery they would say something like “I hope I don’t lose it all”

Don’t minded people drain everyone around them and repel blessings because they are so uninspired, so lacking in imagination, so worried about taking risks that they never really LIVE.

Your attitude really DOES decide your altitude!  Becoming a “DO” Minded person takes practice but its worth the effort.  Don’t you want to wake up every morning filled with inspiration and living the day with passion?

Then focus on what you DO want.  LIVE with inspiration.  Design your perfect life by focussing on the things you DO want and running towards them with wild abandon!

To a DO minded person Can’t is just a belief.  You can DO ANYTHING once you make up your mind and start taking the steps.

One thing that I personally DO really want is to see YOU DOING the DO!

DO = Divine Order

YOU dear reader are divine!