So much of our culture in the marketing community is based on becoming a leader.  What do YOU define a leader to be?

I think we forget that leadership is about your actions and not your income.  Just like in the entertainment industry we tend to idolize the people that make breakout income and many of us get off track.  Why is it we do what we do?  Of COURSE we all want to make rockstar income but when we get focused on the income thats when we make it about US and not about people.

Helping One Another

Building a satisfied customer base and building a team of like minded marketers requires each of us to put our focus on helping one another.  Every great network marketer has learned the value of developing people and being available for their team.

I have often joked that I don’t call it social networking I call it social GETworking.  Rolling up your sleeves and making relationships is what makes the difference but we really are building a network.  We really are interacting socially.  So the two go hand in hand.  Get working and build a NETwork.

The Freedom Is In The Network

That network will pay you year after year.  The folks that have been in our profession ten years or more know this first hand.  Thats why they can pick up the phone and move many people to take action.  Because they have painstakingly developed relationships with like minded people  Entrepreneurs that can make decisions quickly.
So…as you think about becoming a leader it is important to realize that you lead by getting behind people.  Helping them move forward.  Teaching them how to expose a business and how to build their own trusted network.

This is the glue that binds us to one unified goal and the income is the byproduct of implementing these leadership principles.  Focus on becoming a better you and helping your team and soon you WILL be a leader.  You WILL be the person on stage with the oversized check.

Make today about others.  Do your best to be available to help your team.  make it about them, exalt them and get BEHIND them.  When you get behind enough people, soon it will be YOU who is in front.