Turn The Mundane Into the EXTRAORDINARY!


It’s been said that network marketing is a personal development program with a compensation plan.  Essentially the people that build the biggest networks and make the most money are the ones that are militant about personal development.  

Some of you may say…

“well that’s good for them but I have a very busy life and I just don’t have the time for personal development seminars or classes.”

I understand completely.  Between work, family and responsibilities like owning property, you DO have alot of things that have to get done each day so let me be crystal clear.

Prioritizing personal development daily will allow you to earn more which will give you the disposable income to design your life so you can outsource some of the mundane chores that you are currently doing like:

  • Landscaping or mowing the lawn
  • Cleaning the house – Laundry (Aracelli my maid comes every two weeks, cleans the entire house, does my laundry and irons my shirts…It’s a GREAT time saver and a blessing)
  • Shopping or Running Errands (Go to Craigslist there are people that are happy to do those things for you)

virtual-assistantHaving residual income gives you the ability to outsource these things and more so you can focus more energy on building your business or just enjoying life with money and time freedom.

So…..how do you incorporate your personal development time into your already hectic schedule?  With this life hack I call N.E.T. Development.

NET is an acronym for “No Extra Time”.  I have learned to multitask when I am doing mundane things.

All of us have an ipod or a phone that plays audios.  So I listen to personal development while I am:ipod

  • Showering
  • Lifting in the gym
  • Walking – Running

If you are currently mowing your lawn every week.  Try mowing the lawn with your ipod streaming your favorite inspirational speaker.

Try cleaning the house listening to Jim Rohn or Tony Robbins.cooking

Here is an example of my routine since I have incorporated this life hack.  I love to listen when I shower and shave.  I have a bluetooth speaker that connects to my ipad and I stream books on audio everyday.  

Assume you take fast showers, say 5 minutes.  Afterwards you spend another  15 in the bathroom grooming.  Thats 20 minutes everyday to feed your head with something positive.  

20 minutes X 7 days = 140 minutes or 2 hours and 20 minutes a week of feeding positivity into your brain.  It’s like SUPERCHARGING a task that used to rob time from you!

If you add other mundane tasks like cleaning or mowing the lawn you could be getting 5 plus hours a week of personal development without changing your schedule at all!

One more benefit is it helps make the time go faster and the task more enjoyable!  

I LOVE hitting the gym with the Bible playing in my ear or one of my favorite books streaming.  Before I realize it my workout is done and I’m feeling not just energized physically but inspired, joyful, excited as well.

Incorporate this life hack into your daily routine and I PROMISE it will bear fruit quickly! NET Time is YOUR time to turn the mundane into something extraordinary.

Until next time this is your pal Tom Cellie saying

“Live Well, Love Well and God Bless”