The meteoric rise of bitcoin has been turning heads for months now and in all the headlines of mainstream media they are shouting that the bubble is going to burst.  How ludicrous to predict the bubble will burst when we have less than 2% penetration.

All the experts are predicting Bitcoin will climb as high as 100k in 2018 and the biggest reason is that the general public is just becoming interested in Bitcoin.  Go to any coffee shop or grocery store and ask people if they have heard of bitcoin and most are clueless.   Some may have heard of it but they are not using it.  And this fact is why calling it a bubble is a bonkers notion.

The truth is it’s one of the most exciting times to be involved in the cryptocurrency game as they continue to grab market share.

bitcoin Leads The Pack

With a 275.1 Billion market cap and a year to date rise of 1,590.5% bitcoin covers the most ground and has seen the highest valuations.

Because of the rapid climb in valuation as more people purchase it than ever before the transaction times have slowed considerably.  We have also seen rising transaction fees as a result all part of the growing pains of this most sought after electronic gold.

Etherium is Number 2

Etherium or Ether sits at a 71.1 Billion market cap and an 8,882.6 year to date rise. Ether’s built in smart contract technology makes it unique and it’s transaction times are much faster than bitcoin.  It also costs less to mine and is the focus of many mining pools.

Bitcoin Cash

Coming in at number three is bitcoin Cash (BCH) with a market cap of 33 billion and a rise of 229.6% since it was created.  Many thought that BCH was going to take over and be the “real” bitcoin but history has proven that its original incarnation (BTC) has held.  That said there are many people involved in mining and trading BCH and its valuation continues to rise.


ripple has a market cap of 21.8 billion and a year to date rise of 8,479.8 percent.  Developed to be a cross border solution for financial institutions ripple has had challenges with international transaction times as well as high fees for small transactions thereby negating its viability for smaller transactions.


#5 is Litecoin

It’s market cap is 16.5 Billion and it has a year to date rise of 6,859.6 percent.

Litecoin has VERY fast transaction times and of the group here is most closely fashioned after Bitcoin. Litecoin’s focus is simple, fast and secure transactions.


When They Call It A Bubble “POP” their Fantasy

We have a long way to go before we see saturation.  a LONG way.  Now is the best time to be trading, acquiring and hoarding bicoin and other Cryptos and the numbers don’t lie.

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Thanks for looking and keep looking up!

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