If you want new experiences to come into your life then you have got to do something NEW.  We have all heard that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.

Interestingly in order to DO something new, something new must rise up and out of YOU!  New ways of thinking, new beliefs and new actions.  All of these will work in conjunction to change your path and steer you in a new direction but ultimately it starts with your thought life.

So…What are you thinking?  Consider this.  Every thought you have had in the past has brought you to this exact place in your life.  But more than that, it wasn’t just your thoughts but more importantly your BELIEFS.

Thinking you would like to win the Tour de France certainly won’t make it happen.  The only thing that will get you there is years of hard work and training.  In order to subject yourself to this type of commitment will require your passionate belief that you CAN in FACT win the Tour de France!  If you lacked the faith that it was in your power to accomplish then you certainly would never last the grueling workout regimen or sacrifices necessary.

How do you expand your ability to believe?  Hang around with big thinkers!  Surround yourself with people that are solutions minded and not problems focused.  Tap into personal development daily.  Become a personal development freak and feed your brain with stories of people that inspire you.


A few years ago I was a support vendor for an exploding company.  I had an exclusive relationship and I had worked very hard to design a system and a delivery method that allowed me to make incredible daily income while not taking more than about an hour a day of my time.

My first month I exceeded over 100k after all my expenses were covered.  My 2nd month I did a little better than the first and after 5 months of this type of income, I was feeling pretty good about myself.  I really thought “I had arrived”.

I had a business friend contact me and he was pursuing me to promote a program he had developed.  I told him I wasn’t interested, I was making over 100k a month.  Money wasn’t a problem for me and I didn’t want another project commanding more of my time.

He convinced me to meet him at The Atlantis resort in Paradise Island Bahamas because he wanted to SHOW me some documentation and even if we didn’t connect on his business….we would spend 4 days in tropical paradise.  Seemed reasonable to me so I flew in on HIS dime and He put me up in a nearly $2,000 a night suite.

The next morning I visited him in his Penthouse.  As one of his three butlers was serving us breakfast in the opulent dining area overlooking the ocean he logged into a few of his e commerce vendors.  He showed me daily deposits of around 100k.  I said DAILY deposits!  I nearly fainted.  Here I was feeling pretty good about myself.  Feeling like I had “arrived”.  I was making 100k a month and then I saw documentation of 100k a DAY!  I was speechless.

I watched him show me MONTHS of daily deposits.  He was averaging around 3 million a month online and that moment forever expanded what I could believe for.

“your mind is like a parachute…It doesn’t work if it’s not open”

That day I was OPEN to new possibilities.  That experience helped me to dream bigger.  It helped me to believe for bigger.  Believing for bigger gave me confidence to take steps forward and hanging around with him and other like minded people has helped me stay on my path.

I just felt like if HE could do it then I could do it and this thought encouraged me in times of weakness or self doubt and overall caused me to step up my game as a marketer and businessman.

So what about you?  How do you feel when you learn of a person making 100k a day online? Does it inspire you?  Or…does it take the wind out of your sails?

Thats one thing that is in your power.  You can decide how you process the information.  You can look at it with inspiration as I did or you can look at it with skepticism.

The point of this story is to encourage you to think big, believe for bigger, hang around with like minded people and live each day with passion and courage!

SUCCESS is a mindset not a destination.  It is a radio broadcast frequency not your end game.

DECIDE success right this very moment.  BELIEVE you are successful and then attack massively your dreams!

Whether you think you can attain them of whether you think you can’t you are absolutely right.  The choice is yours.

When you truly BELIEVE anything is possible that is when you bend reality to your will.  That is when you step into the divine and new experiences come crashing in.

I hope this talk has inspired you!

Here is a gallery from that trip:  http://tomcellie.me/documentation2/atlantis-resort/

Until next time this is Tom Cellie saying…

“Live Well, Love Well and God Bless”