eddieWhen I was a kid I wanted to be the next Eddie VanHalen.  I was enamored with his playing style and spent many days dreaming of shredding like him in front of thousands of fans.

It was sort of an unrealistic dream.  Of course I DID learn to play like him and used to play “Eruption”  (likely only the musicians know what I’m talking about) note for note.

I mention this because as an entrepreneur the same vision and perseverance I used to learn to play guitar, I bring to my business.

We Entrepreneurs are visionaries.  We must see the end from the beginning.  We imagine new inventions and create things that do not yet exist.  Not only does it take creativity, imagination and vision but it takes unwavering resolve and persistence.

Taking something that exists only in imagination and birthing it into reality is a process that will test you on so many levels.  It’s not for the faint of heart it takes serious balls (yeah I said that) and commitment.

This is exactly why not everyone was born to be an entrepreneur.  Some people simply lack vision or passion or drive and that’s ok.  

As a touring musician and then a full time entrepreneur I have learned to bet on myself.  I have always been willing to take chances and trust that I will go through the fire and instead of being burned I will be strengthened.

Of course I have fallen on my face many many many many times.  But through all the struggle and failure there were lessons and experiences that made me better.

Like the old saying goes:  

“It’s the struggle that makes you strong”

embraceSo I have learned to embrace the pain knowing that there is no growth without it.  Knowing that even when I fail I learn.  To me success is not a destination but a journey and it’s the journey I am on that gives me all the satisfaction in the world.

I calculated that I must have about 25,000 hours invested into being an entrepreneur (that’s 4 hours a day of study across 18 years) but the truth is I likely have MORE because many days I spent more time than that.

25,000 hours learning to make media and graphics and marketing systems and editing video and audio and doing personal development and learning how to write ad copy and rolling out websites and developing brands and manage projects and on and on.

I am a professional student.  (I never call myself an expert because then I stop learning) but a professional student because I make MONEY doing what I study.

I am ramping up my new platform I call Blog Mogl.  It is something I have great vision and passion for.  I’m developing it not just for my own prosperity but because I want to make a positive impact in people’s lives and put something out into the world that offers amazing value and is founded on integrity.

dominatemonaI call it my Mona Lisa.  It’s my work of art that I labor over to create something beautiful for the world.  I have made sacrifices and turned down lucrative opportunities to build this.  I have labored in prayer over it and spent my days brooding over every aspect.  It’s a labor of love.

The average person has no clue what it takes to see a vision and a business through to completion in the marketplace.  They don’t see the battle scars from all the times I fell down.  They don’t see the hours and hours of study and sacrifice honing the craft.

If I do my job right they never will.  All they will see is an exquisite work of art and be blessed that it exists in the world.

You guys that know me already know I am passionate about life and people.  If you ever wanted to work with me and have been watching silently behind the scenes NOW is the time to reach out to me.  

I am taking Blog Mogl (along with my partner Tony) to a multi million dollar business inside of a year.  Remember I said it!

PM me and I will lay out a plan to put you into full time income selling big ticket without ever picking up the phone.  Success leaves clues.

Together we go, together we GROW!