Cellie here and I want to share with you the biggest life hack I know that can enhance the quality of your life not just financially but  in all aspects of your everyday.

But first I want to share a term with you and define why it’s important to your long term success.


Which means “a self taught person”

You may be subscribed here because you are looking for some help in your business building efforts.  Good work you’re in the right place and one of the best pieces of advice I can give you is to be a self learner.

As a high school dropout it has been one of my biggest claims to fame.  I taught myself how to learn.  I became a person who researched and found the answers to the questions I had on my mind.  One of the best habits you will ever adopt is to become a legendary reader.

No bull!  The more books you read the more of an authority you will become and this is a life hack that will serve you forever.

I’m reading three books as I write this. 

 (These are NOT affiliate links…I make nothing if you purchase them)

#1  The Kaizen Way by Robert Maurer

#2  Content Inc. by Joe Pulizzi

http://amzn.com/125958965X  (amazon did not offer an embed code for this one)

#3  The One Thing by Gary Keller


I recommend them all.  Get them on Kindle or Audible or….find a book on the particular subject you’re interested in and make a habit of reading daily.  If you put good in you will get good out!

Ok future autodidact that’s all for now.

Every Blessing,