I have been using project management software for about a decade. After all, I’m a project manager that oversees software integrations and marketing campaigns etc. So…it only makes sense for me to use a project manager but what about you?

The average person can really benefit from using the same software even if you don’t manage teams or projects.

You can game-ify your life and treat any goal as a project and benefit from incorporating these life hacks into your everyday life.

I use project management software for all kinds of things like:

Looking for vacation destinations and consolidating all the ones I like in one place.

Planning an event or a party.

Shopping…I furnished a 3 bedroom house this way. I took pics of furniture I liked and cataloged the stores and items I wanted inside of a Trello project so I could marinate on them later.

This video may inspire you to try Using a Project Manager and Setting Reminders for Max Productivity. Enjoy!