If you are considering a business opportunity and you experience fear or doubt…as in “what if I can’t make this money back”? “What if I lose this money”? “What if I fail”?

I recommend you go back to what you were doing. DON’T waste your time or your sponsor’s time.

“There is no room for fear or doubt in business”

indecisionYou must KNOW you are going to crush it even if the plan is not clear. You KNOW you will find a way or make one. You KNOW you will go all the way. You KNOW you will muster the resources You KNOW you will do whatever it takes.

If you agonize over a decision to join an inexpensive program then entrepreneurism is NOT for you.

Do the world a favor and stop lying to yourself and wasting everyone’s time. SERIOUSLY stop lying to yourself and do the personal work to get over that fear.

FEAR is what keeps EVERYONE from success.

Your desire for a better quality of life must OBLITERATE fear. Your passion for change must extinguish doubt! Success is a vibrational frequency and a mindset!

Fear is the frequency of people who give in and give up.

toothlessI know it sounds harsh but until your desire for positive change eclipses your fears and doubts you are wasting your time.

Biblically speaking Doubt = sin. What good can you possibly manifest if you are in doubt?

Doubt is the gateway to fear. Until you are convinced that success is yours and all obstacles will be overcome you should keep your day job.

I have heard people say I am afraid of failure that’s why I work so hard. I don’t agree with this mindset. Why? Because it’s still a negative motivator.

I would rather be driven by inspiration and not desperation.

Better to say….”I am SO excited about the possibilities that I can’t sleep”!

“I am SO clear on my vision of the future that It motivates me to take massive action”!

Doesn’t that resonate so much better?

fear1Be inspired people! Your inspiration will be your emancipation from status quo. Make fear your bitch!