global-youtube-videoWe live in a global interconnected world where information is in large supply.  Because of this fact NOBODY has an excuse to be bored.  If there is something you want to do, a new skill you want to learn or a hobby you want to take up the information is OUT THERE!

Just 25 years ago that wasn’t the case.  Before the Internet if you wanted to learn to do something you had to pay a tutor or buy a book.  Of course there was no shortage of books on a given subject but accessing the information still required more bandwidth (to coin an Internet phrase) from you.  

You had to be an active seeker and this meant that only the most passionate people made the breakthrough.

The Age Of Millennials

Today we are inundated with knowledge, how to’s, training etc.  Massive conglomerates like Google are using intricate algorithms to serve the most relevant data to you based on your past search history as well as a staggering number of other data points pulled from your profile information to your viewing habits on Youtube.  

With all of this information at the ready 24/7 none of us have an excuse to be bored.   Mywhoa belief is that people who say they are bored just lack inspiration and creativity.

When a person tells me they are bored I literally cringe.  I spend so much energy in my own life maximizing my time to fit more productive activities in that when someone tells me they are bored I just cannot relate.


You Become Who You Hang Around

I’m not tooting my own horn here….it wasn’t always the case. There WAS a time when my interests fit into a much thinner band of focus.  How did it change for me?  I gravitated towards inspirational people.  I pursued relationships in my life with high level individuals that caused me to rise up.  People who were passionate and taking action in areas I wanted to improve in my own life.   

The net effect was it energized ME.  Once my inspiration tank started to get full I started learning to KEEP it full on my own.  I learned not to despise the day of small beginnings.  I learned not to condemn myself if my skills weren’t world class.  I allowed myself to be mediocre as long as I was moving forward.  

I learned to strive for excellence because perfection doesn’t exist.  I became an avid student and I PLUGGED INTO the plethora of information available on any given subject I was interested in.  I learned to be an answer finder.

I am like a leopard that changed his spots.  I don’t recognize the man I am today and I am even MORE excited about the person I am becoming and I am sharing these thoughts with you dear reader not to say “look at how cool I am” but to inspire you in your own journey.

Just Add Passion

The most important ingredient to your success in business, in life, in ANY endeavor is your PASSION!  

It is Passion that causes you to undertake any adventure.  The loftier the dream the more passion that’s required to accomplish it.  Think of Passion like high octane rocket fuel.  Regular gas can only get you so far if you want to blast out of the atmosphere it will require the most combustible concoction of petroleum available.

Your passion will keep you focused when the going gets tough (and it will).  It is passion that will enable you to endure all sorts of pain and discomfort.  Your passion will cause you to make sacrifices, pick up new habits and ultimately stretch yourself further then you would ever be capable of without it.

So how do you stoke the flames of passion in your life and business?

By staying tapped in.  Keep reminders everywhere of your dream.  If your dream is a new house, put a picture of it on wallpaper for your desktop or phone.  Make a list of quotes or affirmations that you recite daily.  Seriously, you must train your mind to EXPECT these things are coming and daily affirmations really help.

Hang around with others that share the same passions and have similar goals because you become who you hang around.  Gravitate away from the naysayers or people who just simply aren’t like minded.  

Stay focused and make sure to do a little each day to move yourself closer to your dreams.  As you make progress however minute, you will gain more enthusiasm and really stoke the flames of passion in your heart.  And this will bring joy, excitement and a host of other positive emotions into your daily experience.

Let your passions fuel you and pursue them with everything you have and soon you will be pinching yourself because you will feel like you’re dreaming awake.

celliecar [author_bio]