If you dare to win then you must dare to fail. Its that simple. Interesting to me that the people spreading the hate and taking the pot shots at those of us who are trying, are the same people taking no risks, putting nothing on the line and quietly loathing their existence

These same people are quick to point out your shortcomings and your failures all the while NOTHING in their life has improved because they never took a risk or allowed themselves to be vulnerable. It’s like they are not really living.

Not only have I failed…I have failed OFTEN! It won’t be the last time either. At least i’m not sitting in the wings poo poo-ing on others that dare to be great.

Fail often people it’s the thing that will bring you to an epic win. The more you have failed, the more lessons you have learned. Eventually you will start getting more wins than failures.

Successful people will do things now that average people won’t so they can do things later that average people CAN’T.

Now Go Out and Be Bold and Dare to be Great!

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