How Network Marketing Has Changed ; A Look Back


Even as a preteen I was an entrepreneur.  I did a paper route, I did odd jobs on a regular basis for neighbors.  In the winter I shoveled snow, in the summer I helped out at the Yacht club doing every menial task that nobody else wanted to do.  I even sold weed.  (don’t judge me I wasn’t Pablo Escobar) My point is I was ALWAYS looking for the next hustle.

When I was in my early 20’s i remember thumbing through a USA Today magazine at all the “Get Rich” ads in the back.  There were ads for stuffing envelopes, or sending out postcards.  Ads for t-shirt distributorships or mail order businesses.  

I was addicted to the grind and I LOVED the game.  I studied everyone’s hustle to learn as much as I could.

But before the Internet the landscape was VERY different present day.

The most powerful advertising medium was still television and I watched many late night infomercials

Don Lapre in the 80s

I bought Don Lapre’s course about placing “Tiny Ads”.  

I bought Tony Robbins on cassette.  

I bought Carlton Sheets.  


Then I found network marketing.  I joined wellness companies and I even joined an outright pyramid cash gifting thing way back in the day.

ALL of them have one thing in common.  They advertise that it’s WAY easier than it is.   It felt like a bait and switch.  They gave me unrealistic expectations took my money, gave me a convoluted plan that wasn’t vetted and left me to “figure it all out” leaving me disillusioned.    

I remember thinking back then “Man I wish success was easy”  Have you ever felt this way?

In the 80’s all I had for a coach was a cassette or maybe a VHS video.  In my early network marketing days I had no mentor, no roadmap and building a network was never so hard.  

We had to invite friends and family to hotel meetings.  Ever try to get somebody to come to a meeting after work in the winter when there’s snow on the ground?  

I would fight rush hour traffic in the dark of winter after I finished my house painting job.  Tired and grimy I would shower, scarf some fast food while I was driving and fight the snow and elements to get to the hotel meeting just to find my prospects all stood me up.  

Then there was the financial commitment.  Beside going on auto-ship of some product(s) We used to have to buy VHS or audio cassettes and hand them out to people.  

We used to fly to all the events and spend money on travel and hotels to “catch the vision”. 

We were told to talk to EVERYBODY in slapping distance and purchase EVERYTHING to become a product of the product.

We were told we needed to do all these things if we wanted to become successful and be leaders.  Frankly it was bullshit.  The odds of getting on stage and collecting the oversized check were pretty slim.  We were indoctrinated into a cult.  The CULTure was to make proselytes and followers that buy into the false gospel of prosperity all the while going broke as they spend what little money they have on products they don’t use to get free from their day job.

What Insanity!!!!!!!

After years and years of trial and error.  Tens of thousands spent on hard learned lessons and training.  Thousands upon thousands of hours spent learning software, funnels, traffic, media, team building etc I can say with conviction that I have cracked the code and developed a system that truly is EASY!

  • My system will save you time
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If you can copy and paste then you can make money utilizing my system!  You can do it in your socks!  If you’re looking for a home based business that you can truly automate while you’re busy living your life then THIS IS IT!

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