Mainstream Media Fear Mongering As bitcoin Continues To Rise


As public awareness of bitcoin grows and more people purchase bitcoin for the first time we are seeing a surge in its value.  As of Dec 17th 2017 BTC is over $19,000 and has climbed back from its correction on the last bounce.  

As regulated trading in bitcoin futures begins it seems the institutional players can no longer ignore the electronic gold that is bitcoin.  That said we are seeing more talking heads assassinating bitcoin in the media as the globalist banking cartels retaliate with fear and disinformation.  Like this latest headline out of the BBC

Bitcoin buyers should be prepared to lose all their money

A statement issued by Andrew Bailey The Chief Executive of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom.  Bailey went on to say in his interview that the because bitcoin lacks backing by governments and central banks that putting money in bitcoin is not a safe and secure investment.  This is an asinine statement made by a paid shill in an effort to spread fear or at the minimum disinformation about the viability of bitcoin but… we’re not buying it!

Even as the paid bobble heads for the Banking cartels spew their nonsense we are seeing institutional and retail investors flock to bitcoin and other cryptos en masse.  

Global exchanges are offering futures contracts.  This a traditional instrument or a derivative that obligates a trader to either buy or sell an asset at a specific time or price.  The implementation of futures contracts is yet another forward step in the legitimization of cryptocurrencies yet the talking heads like Bailey are still making baseless claims and attempting to use fear to control the masses.

In the information age we live in they are grabbing at straws.  The people have access to millions of sources of information out there and no longer need or trust these organizations like the FCA to ensure their safety.  Funny how these globalist run organizations use “public safety” as a ruse to enslave the masses and indoctrinate them into a system of control using a fiat monetary  system that THEY regulate.

As the inevitable collapse of the US Dollar draws closer Bobble heads like Bailey will put the blame on bitcoin but we know better.



Acquiring and hoarding bitcoin is the smartest thing you can do to secure your future in the uncertain times we live in safe from the meddling of Central banks and governments.

We have turned the page on the lies and manipulations of globalist run institutions like the FCA.  It’s the beginning of a new era and the dayspring is going to be glorious!  Welcome to the dawn.