workoutIt’s 5:03 a.m. and It’s still Monday night for me. I have been grinding media for my new program (PM me if you want to chat) I hit the gym in my building around 2 a.m. 20 mins on the treadmill, some bodyweight exercises, some squats, light dumbbells for arms and some pushups and I topped it off with 14 mins in the dry sauna.
I have never walked away from a workout regretting it. Even when I do a crappy workout it still beats not working out. Every little step counts.
It is so important that we keep the promises we make to ourselves. Breaking them means we prolong success. Breaking them means on some level we don’t love ourselves or we feel unworthy of the best.
People will respect you when you respect yourself first. Practicing keeping the promises you make to yourself will also bleed into your daily life and your business. You want to become a person with a reputation of keeping your word. Thats part of what practicing winning is all about.
Be so good that your reputation precedes you. Stay so focused that your accomplishments do all the talking. Then you can be the mysterious person in the room that talks very little but listens better than anyone. Then when you open your mouth to speak, people will lean in to listen.