All of us have heard the famous saying “Knowledge Is Power”  Don’t believe it.  There are plenty of well educated people walking around that are weak.  They have weak incomes, weak bank accounts and weak work ethic.

They are living proof that having knowledge is only the first step.  It’s not knowledge that is power…it is the APPLICATION of knowledge thats power!  Those that don’t hustle are bound to tussel.  If you want resounding success it is imperative that you show up every single day and do the work!

Now….there are plenty of people working hard but not in a specific way.  This is why success requires a formula.  Working hard at the wrong things will never cause you to fall into success.  You will simply become disillusioned and leave the industry altogether this is why you need the proper mentor.

There truly IS a formula to success and it starts with you

  1.  Finding the right mentor
  2.  Learning voraciously
  3. Showing up everyday and APPLYING what you learn

Make no bones about it.  Success in marketing offers many perks found nowhere else but it DOES require a major investment from you.   Not just financially but in ongoing personal development, content creation and working in a specific way as taught by your mentor.

So next time you hear somebody say knowledge is power you can politely correct them.

Bring your hustle everyday, apply your knowledge and build your empire!