Today I’m blogging about health and nutrition and how it assists you in business.  This article won’t be about what to eat or what exercise to do, there are millions of fitness gurus out there for that.  I’m just connecting how health is related to success.

One interesting problem with American culture and many cultures around the world is we don’t prioritize our health.  We spend so much time pursuing the American dream by working and commuting that we sacrifice our health and as a result we spend the second half of our lives spending the money we made on hospitals, operations and prescription drugs in an attempt to regain our health.

In my early days as as an entrepreneur I worked so much I sacrificed my health to such a degree I was essentially handicapped.  At over 300 pounds I had diabetes and my knees hurt everyday.  The combination of poor diet, overeating, sedentary lifestyle (sitting in front of the computer 16 hours a day) and no exercise nearly killed me.

Society had convinced me that consumerism was the most important thing.  I spent so much time toiling to acquire “stuff” that I lost myself and it has taken me years to recover from being morbidly obese.

OK, those of you that know me know that even now I’m not skinny.  But I CAN say that I’m reasonably healthy and still on my way to even BETTER health.  

Before and after since I reclaimed my health.
On the left I’m busting at 340+ pounds. On the right me today a svelte 220 (and still dropping)

I have noticed a direct correlation between diet and overall fitness and success.  The healthier I got the better I felt.  The better I felt the more success I attracted.  One of the things that energizes your life is your passion and excitement.  How can you muster the passion and drive needed for success if you are in a constant battle with your health


Reclaiming my health has been a long journey but through it I have learned to make healthy eating (most of the time) a priority along with exercise.  Living this way has allowed me to operate on a higher level in business and also experience more joy, more fulfillment and more excitement in my everyday.

When I am walking say 8 to 12 miles a week and eating lots of organic green leafys I simply feel better and experience more joy and this addiction to feeling good keeps my getting back on the horse everyday.  

I believe most Americans have lost their measuring stick on feeling good.  Our processed microwave diets have us filling our stomachs yet starving or bodies.  Many people are walking around dehydrated and the poor diet, lack of exercise state of dehydration has them in a fog affecting their ability to execute on a high level.  It’s like we’re walking around uninspired and hazy and what’s worse is that has become status quo, we have forgotten what it feels like to feel good!

Making your health a priority is a life skill we ALL need to practice.  What point is being wealthy if you’re too sick to enjoy it?

I truly believe at the ripe age of 51 (52 in a few weeks as of this writing) that health is wealth and I derive intense joy from living this healthy lifestyle.  


This morning I had planned to walk with a friend.  We said unless it rains we will walk at 5:15 A.M.  Then of course it rained and I was let down because I really was looking forward to walking.

At 5:02 my friend texted me and I was expecting him to cancel but he said “on my way”. WOW!  We were going to walk in the rain and we did!

There is an ethereal feeling when you are up before the sun, walking in the city before the traffic in the rain.  Your creative juices start flowing and you feel like you got the jump on everyone else.  They say your most productive time is in the morning so getting some exercise in before you start work is the perfect activity to set you up for a successful day in entrepreneur-land.   

The best gift you will ever give yourself is health.  Loving yourself enough to commit daily to nutrition and exercise will reap rewards in all areas of your life not just business.

You will find your cognitive thinking skills will improve and you will also find your spirits will be higher and you will be more optimistic.  As a business person you are a problem solver.  Success is really just an exercise in showing up everyday, doing the mundane things that must be done and solving problems.  When your health and nutrition is right you will become a beast at solving problems and getting shit done!

It becomes a beautiful cycle.  The closer you get to your goals the more joy and passion you feel. This feeling of joy and optimism will follow you into every situation.  It’s far easier to deal with the challenges of life and business when you are optimistic and the red hot coal bed of passion will heat up every situation.

So if your health hasn’t been a priority in your life let me encourage you that it’s NEVER too late to start.  You can make the decision this minute that you will start eating healthy and exercising and then simply just do it!

Not only will you feel better physically but you will feel better about yourself and this will give you confidence in all areas.  You were born for greatness!  You were born to inspire others.  You have something unique to share with the world and getting and staying healthy will ensure that you are here long enough to make an impact and leave a legacy.

Don’t wait another minute.  Decide now that you will begin the journey of reclaiming your health and start truly living!

Hiking in Hawaii, 4 years earlier I couldn’t walk a flight of stairs due to my weight and pain in my knees.