All of us have people we look up to.  People who have won our hearts and respect by sharing their vision, story and insights.  If you have a hobby there is likely a professional you look up to.  If you are a professional then there’s an excellent chance that there is somebody who has “changed the game” or “taken it to the next level”  that you want to emulate.

failureEvery great entrepreneur and every great thought leader started in most cases just like you.  They had a burning desire or a vision and they simply kept failing their way to success.  


Side Note:
Every great movement, invention or idea is born from failure.  Think about it.  When you win you party but when you fail you PONDER.  Its this intense analysis, this pondering that is the catalyst for change and improvement.   So when you see a great leader or successful business person, you are seeing someone that has failed more times than everyone else (in most cases)

My point is that the people we hold in high regards or look up to are still just people.  Perhaps they have more talent than us or some deep God given abilities we don’t possess but more times than not they are simply people further in their journey than we are.

Isn’t that encouraging?

In a nutshell it means that there is ALWAYS hope and ALWAYS untapped potential.  It means that if they can do it YOU can do it and the process of becoming is nothing short of astounding!

The ONLY thing holding you back are the limitations you create in your mind!  NOTHING is a problem unless you see it as such and as brilliant critical thinking masterpieces (that’s you and me) we can become anything we want!

Ok ok…let me qualify that statement.  I’m 50 and a little overweight.  If I wanted to become a professional basketball player it’s NEVER going to happen but…I COULD start playing everyday and raise my game to the point where anyone would say that guy can PLAY!  Sure it may take 4 times longer for me than a college kid but the point is it’s POSSIBLE!

The journey you are on in personal development and professional experience is a daily exercise in finding your unique voice.  

There is NOBODY on planet earth like you.  Your perspective, your insights and your experience are unique even if there are people out there that you want to emulate.  Finding your voice is a vital process before you can share it.

I hope you are starting to see the importance of finding your voice and more importantly I hope you are getting inspired!

You are in the place of change this very moment.  When you finish this article EVERYTHING can change for the better simply by making a decision and setting your intention.

So what do you want to do?  What do you want to be?  What wrongs do you want to right?  

Find your voice and communicate it to the world!  You will be amazed at how fast things can improve when you lay down your ego and wholly commit to the process.

Be Honest.

Be Vulnerable

Be Authentic

People love truth and are far less judgemental when they know you are not a hypocrite.  NOBODY like a person that is disingenuine so it is important that you connect to your truth.


Share your setbacks, share your tribulations and lessons and always point to the  solution.  
This blog is part of me finding MY voice.  I’m committed to giving the best content possible and I am committed to YOU!