My Childhood HomeWhen I was young I grew up in a middle class home.  Raised by my grandparents I never knew we were middle to low income.  There was always food on the table and my Grandparents loved me very much.

My experience growing up in the 70’s was different than most of my friends.  Because I was being raised by my grandparents I had a much more traditional “old school” upbringing.  It was more like being raised in the 50’s with traditional family values.

My grandfather was a machinist.  He worked on a lathe 40+ hours a week and came home grimy and dirty every night.  On many weeknights he did painting and wallpapering to supplement his income and on weekends he played drums at weddings and anniversaries.

He was a true family man and made any sacrifice necessary for us.

As I got older I began to realize that we weren’t rich.  We lived in a very small 3 bedroom house with one bath and my eyes were opening to the fact that some of my friends lived in big brick houses on the water in the North Shore.

As I was coming of age my grandfather was having health troubles.  He had a mild heart attack and was diagnosed with angina.  He had to radically change his diet and take nitroglycerin to take stress off his heart when he exerted himself too much.

He was still working just as much as always though and then things got worse for him.

What If This Were You?

His company made moved from the North Shore in Massachusetts to a bigger location in New Hampshire.  My grandfather was already 58 with a heart condition and no formal education.

He couldn’t afford to retire so for the last 7 years of his career he was forced to commute an hour and a half each way to the new location in New Hampshire.

Imagine that.  Being in this uncompromising situation.  A Middle class family man taking care of a child that wasn’t his.  Having a heart condition and not being able to retire.  Being forced to commute 3 hours a day to work 8.  That’s 11 hours out of 24 tied up or 55 hours out of the week.  Not to mention he still had to do evening painting jobs and weekend drumming gigs.

My grandfather was the greatest man I have ever known.  He made all those sacrifices and still remained cheerful but now that I am a man who has been in his shoes, I appreciate so much more the sacrifices he made.

What’s even more gut wrenching is that fact that He didn’t have to live that way.  You see he came from a generation that was taught that having a “JOB” meant having security but it certainly wasn’t true.

The Deferred Life Plan Deception

He had bought into the 40 – 40 – 40 plan.  Have you heard of this plan before?  Its when you work 40 hours a week for 40 years in hopes that you can retire on 40% less than you used to make.  Some people call it the “Deferred Life Plan”

This philosophy dictates that you should work hard your whole life and save your pennies so when you retire you can do what you REALLY want to do.

What my grandfather never considered was while he was so hard at work trading hours for dollars his employer and the management team that ran the corporation were living a far more comfortable life with loads more money and time freedom because they were leveraging the efforts of their employees.

Now that I am a man I wish I could go back in time and change history.  My grandfather made such a contribution in my life and in hindsight I wish I could have changed his course.  Had somebody only taught him about the power of leverage he could have had so much more quality time with his family.  He could have taken more vacations and retired earlier with financial security but he was never taught the concept.

Did It Have To End This Way?

My Grandfather eventually passed away from cardiac arrest.  I always wondered, “was his hard working lifestyle the reason”?  “Could he have lived longer and healthier had he not been laboring so hard for 40 years”?

Since the middle 90’s I have been laser focused on leveraging the power if the Internet and the efforts of others.  I’m proud to say that this is an exacting science and we have done all the research.

There is no more trial and error left.  There are no unknowns.  We developed a simple plan that when followed will give you predictable results every time just as it does for our thousands of happy members right this moment.

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I believe one day when I am in eternity I will see my grandfather again. I know on that day if I asked him does he regret all the sacrifices he made for his family he will say no.  He loved his wife and kids more than himself and he did whatever he had to to provide as a father should.

The good news is, YOU don’t have to make the same sacrifices.  With our system you can:

  • Take control of your income
  • Take control of your time
  • Have extra to prepare for retirement
  • Rest easy knowing you have financial security

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My grandfather was sold the 40 – 40 – 40 plan because thats what HIS father taught him.  Are you on the 40 – 40 – 40 plan now?  If so, then you don’t have to be for long!

Doesn’t it make sense to “DESIGN” your life instead of “deferring” it?

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You will be glad you did.  Until next time 😉

Yours In Success,

Tom Cellie