I love how the “Inter-webs” breaks down walls and barriers that 15 years ago used to come between people.  Life is amazing when you constantly meet new and uplifting people!

We both have plenty to learn and connecting can only help to serve us both so I am glad you stopped by.  If you are looking to increase your income or you have a special project that needs expert attention, simply reach out here.   Thanks for contacting me…I’m looking forward to connecting!

Contact Details

Tom Cellie & Alpha Rogue Ventures

Two Pershing Square
2300 Main St. Suite 900
Kansas City, MO 64108

(816) 974-8699

About us

I have been a full time entrepreneur for 15 years.  Some of my strengths are as follows (not in any particular order)

  • Web Based Income Platforms
  • Marketing Systems
  • Multimedia Development – Webmercials – Voice Over
  • Social Marketing and Brand Strategy
  • Team Training
  • Live Training – Google Hangouts
  • Intellectual Property – Marketing Strategy
  • App Development
  • Live Training – Public Speaking
  • Content Creation
  • Vlogging – Youtube
  • Coffee Aficionado
  • Songwriting – Recording – Live Performance

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