I was praying this morning and it occurred to me to be mindful how blessed I am. Of course I am grateful for every blessing, every day and the people in my life that are invested in me. But….more than being grateful I think we have a responsibility to make each day a celebration.
Seriously. We should be celebrating this life every day! We live in a world of infinite possibility! NOTHING is static, NOTHING is set.
We get to DECIDE what experiences the future holds for us and celebrate the joy of living.
I believe it’s not about the destination but the journey. When I wanted to learn guitar it was a joy practicing, writing and dreaming about walking out that vision.
I was “becoming” an artist, a better musician, a better performer and the joy of becoming was my celebration. The times I got on stage and everything clicked, the band was perfectly tight or I did a solo that melted faces was all celebration of the gifts I had been given and the work I had put in to experience that moment in time.

Every Time I sat down to practice or to write I was celebrating who God made me to be. By nurturing a gift and stepping into my calling I was honoring my creator and showing gratitude for the thing he had made (ME!)!!!!!!!
Today you might be facing adversity. You may have many pressures pushing on you. You may be uncertain about the future. Life is full of obstacles and hardships for ALL of us. Good News. You will rise above it! Celebrate in this very moment the amazing, incredible one of a kind brilliant person that you are! You have the power to create any reality you want!
Know that you are NOT alone. That God loves you and is with you every second. Know that He is always working to bring about good in your life. Know that every adverse situation and hardship only serves to make you stronger, smarter and ultimately better.
Shake off the gloom and get excited! Everything can change in a moment! It just takes a decision. Look at your life and acknowledge that every thought and action brought you to this current place and if you’re not happy with your current reality, it is WELL in your power to change it!
There is nothing more powerful than a made up mind! Make up your mind that you will celebrate everything good and bad in your life. Decide that whatever let downs you experience you will not give them the power to alter your enthusiasm.


You are a living miracle! You can affect change! You can inspire others! You can love epically! You can choose happiness and choose love.
Every minute and every heartbeat is a gift. Don’t waste it with negative thoughts. Make your life a celebration and epic journey.

I am grateful for you today. Lets celebrate!