Vlog 19 Travel Hell & Floods In Texas

I started my trip to Fort Lauderdale airport with the best of intentions to shoot video all the way....I was heading out to meet...

My Trip To Malacca City Malaysia

Flew to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and then on to Malacca City. Did some business and made some new friends in the work from home,...

How To Brand Yourself on Social and Build Your List

If you are selling opportunity, training, products or services then effectively branding yourself is crucial. This little screencast will give you a simple hack...

Design Your Happiness

Happiness is a choice. We cannot control outside circumstances but we can control how we react to them.

#7 Learners Are Earners

We become what we do the most.  Teaching yourself to learn will enable you to excel in an arena of your life.  The Internet...

Vlog-13 The Gay Pride Festival and Being Lovely

The Gay Pride Festival and Being Lovely

Vlog_14: Shopping, Dining out, Ice Skating in June and...

Vlog-14 Shopping - Dining - How NOT to Build Your Business