Cellie Talks

#15 “99 Percent Of Success Is Showing Up”

We have all heard it before but the reason we keep hearing it is because it's TRUE! Success doesn't just favor the bold. It...

#14 How To Get Fast Momentum In Your Network Marketing Business

Getting massive exposure is a requirement if you want your network marketing business to gain momentum quickly. The faster you expose your business, the...

#11 Epic Love

I believe that love conquers all. I believe that you can love your way to success in business! Today I'm talking about the impact...

#9 Renewing Your Mind

Today on Cellie Talks i'm covering a subject that touches on low self esteem, limiting beliefs, mindset and personal development. Do you feel stuck in...

#8 What Is Your Brand?

Success in the marketing profession has alot to do with branding. Branding yourself as a leader, branding yourself as an expert etc. You have a...

#7 Learners Are Earners

We become what we do the most.  Teaching yourself to learn will enable you to excel in an arena of your life.  The Internet...

#6 Entrepreneurs Run The World!

  Some of the most qualified people you will ever find for your network marketing business are entrepreneurs. Regardless of their profession or industry entrepreneurs...

NO Extra Time? Use THIS Life Hack

Hey guys, Today's talk is all about maximizing your time to incorporate training and personal development.  You're gonna like this one because you don't...

PERSEVERANCE Better Than The Lottery!

Learning to persevere in business and in life is crucial to success.  Cellie talks about the difference between the movers and the masses.  In...