Why Brand You?  We hear it everyday.  If you want success you must brand yourself.  But why?  And….How?  

What are the real benefits to branding yourself and how can you effectively do it?  Here are my thoughts on the subject.

prospectsYour personal brand is what opens opportunities or closes doors.  How people perceive you has a massive impact on your business as well as what opportunities come your way or pass you by.  

The way you act and present yourself will have a strong impact on how others perceive you both professionally and socially and this will dictate how others treat you and what opportunities are presented to you in your personal life and career.

8840422-BRAND-Magnifying-glass-over-background-with-different-association-terms-Vector-illustration--Stock-VectorIn order to propel forward in business and in life it is important to create a strong brand and that means being crystal clear on what your brand is.  I call myself a “Lifestyle Evangelist”.  My brand is to live a life of design and teach others how to design their own life!

I expend a lot of energy to this goal because this is where my passion lies.  I LOVE helping people get personal and professional breakthroughs and this article is just another piece of content I’m creating to serve others and help people along the path of achieving success.  So let’s get started!


Stand Out –  Your brand is unique to you.  Its tells others much of your story and gives you an “individualness” in the marketplace.  This will allow potential partners or clients to easily recognize you in a sea of competition.  It also says you are unique and therefore there IS NO Competition.

Make Yourself Known – The goal of personal branding is to make you known for who you are and what you stand for.  Others will share your core beliefs and therefore be attracted to you.  It will also set you apart from your competitors and resonate with your core audience.

It Puts You In Control – Your branding is deliberate and if you do it effectively it leaves nothing to question.  Presenting a clear identity is a sign of confidence which infers to your core audience that you know exactly who you are and they will know exactly what they get when they partner with you or buy from you.

Establish Yourself as an Expert and Become A Celebrity – Gain name recognition in your area of expertise where it counts the most – In the mind of your customer!  You will build trust, respect and admiration with your core audience and you will also develop loyalty with your constituents.

Think about some celebrities whose brands you love.  If you like Michael Bublé you KNOW what you’re going to get at one of his concerts.  You KNOW what to expect on his latest album and your loyalty with the brand is what makes you BUY!


staepsBranding is much more than a logo or  a color scheme.  A brand is how you feel when you see a logo.  The true brand is the emotive response in the viewer when they are exposed to your brand and this is why fortune 100 corporations spend BILLIONS keeping their brand in the mind of the public.  They are constantly impressing their values and message to keep that “emotion” fresh in the hearts and minds of their audience.

Examine Your Competition – You must know your competition if you will ever effectively set yourself apart from them.  Knowing who is in the game and what their strong points are is important.  Perhaps there is a niche not being filled or perhaps there is something you do better.  You can build an entire brand on personal service or being small enough to devote more time to your customers and thereby set yourself apart from the mainstream.

Identify Your Strengths – Knowing your strengths is paramount to developing your brand.  Now..which strengths are important to your customers?  This is the leverage you need to propel you forward and to get folks to buy YOU.  

Know Your Customer – Knowing your customer is vital.  I can’t stress this enough.  In the home based business profession I think we lose sight of this.  Not everybody is a good fit to partner with so understanding EXACTLY who your perfect customer / prospect / partner is is incredibly important.  

When you know exactly who your customer is then you can cater your branding to that demographic.  This puts out a clear message to the world that resonates with your core audience and may even have them finding YOU instead of the other way around.

Be Your Brand – What I really mean is to be real.  Be you.  Don’t be a false identity.  Be exactly who you are and let your brand reflect that.  As I said in the beginning of this article, you are unique and since there is nobody on planet earth exactly like you, you have a unique brand!  So be true to yourself and let your brand embrace and encompass who you are at your core.  

Let Your Personality Come Through – In line with BEING your brand.  Letting your personality come through is all about being real and vulnerable.  You want to be likeable.  Some of us are withdrawn or quiet and may need to come out of our shell.

The truth is that people want to do business with folks they know, like and trust so you being genuine and letting your personality shine through really helps people feel like they “know” you.  If they can relate to you then they feel a connection and that connection is part of your brand.

Become A Great Communicator – Research shows that communication skills are the top determinant for upward social and professional mobility.  Not all of us are strong communicators by nature.  Did you know that effective communication is a leadership trait?  And since the product in our profession is leadership then it is important to become a strong communicator.

Find someone you admire in the space and emulate them.  Or better yet (and this is possibly the best advice I can ever give you…all caps for dramatic effect)  GET A MENTOR!

I struggled working from home until I got a mentor and then a second and a third and now I am in a position to be a mentor after so many years as a student.  

Become Active On Social Media – Part of establishing your brand is utilizing social media.  There are MANY platforms so it is important that you choose a few that will best serve you.  It is very difficult to post to ALL platforms in the beginning (until you are making money and have a team).  Pick two that inspire you and post at least four times a day.

I am very active on Facebook.  I try to post nourishing content to my Facebook audience a minimum of four times.  Early Morning, late morning mid afternoon and early evening.  You don’t have to create all the content.  You can curate articles that inspire you.  Uplifting quotes, videos etc.  It is really important that you maintain consistency.  Branding YOU is all about putting a uniform message in front of your followers consistently and attracting more followers when your core audience shares your posts and this is why it is so important to share quality.


urownMost people do not acknowledge that they already are a brand.  So it is important that you take stock of what your brand is today and what you want to improve (if anything) moving forward.  How do people feel when they see one of your posts?  How much engagement do you get?  Are people reaching out to you and ASKING about your business?  Or are you chasing them?

It’s important that we really get naked and honest with ourselves about the current state of our brand and then we can start moving in the right direction.  Let me encourage you to be wholly committed to the process and keep showing up and putting in the work everyday.

In the home based business world your brand is your livelihood and the better you brand yourself the better you will live.  

Don’t you want to live well?

Then Brand YOU!