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Project Management and Setting Reminders

I have been using project management software for about a decade. After all, I’m a project manager that oversees software integrations and marketing campaigns etc. So…it only makes sense for me to use a project manager but what about you?

The average person can really benefit from using the same software even if you don’t manage teams or projects.

You can game-ify your life and treat any goal as a project and benefit from incorporating these life hacks into your everyday life.

I use project management software for all kinds of things like:

Looking for vacation destinations and consolidating all the ones I like in one place.

Planning an event or a party.

Shopping…I furnished a 3 bedroom house this way. I took pics of furniture I liked and cataloged the stores and items I wanted inside of a Trello project so I could marinate on them later.

This video may inspire you to try Using a Project Manager and Setting Reminders for Max Productivity. Enjoy!

Another One Bites The Dust – Payza Shut Down For Money Laundering BTC

Yup I can hear the iconic song playing in my head as I read reports of Payza being shut down by the U.S. Government for “Money Laundering” and Facilitating transactions for ‘Child Pornography” sites.

Hmm…I have noticed every time they want to justify their strong arming they always tack child pornography to it to get public outcry.

The Payza site is down and I don’t expect them to come back.  Just another casualty of the Globalist/Bankster onslaught to deconstruct the players in bitcoin.

It’s all about control and the Central Banks have lost it.  I won’t wax on about it here.  Just link to an article on coindesk if you want the specifics.

Crushing It

Flying in a Copter over daytona Beach!

Most people say they love to travel. Ask them what trip they have planned next and many people say things like “I don’t have time” “I don’t have money” etc.

They continue going to work everyday and sacrifice doing the things they are passionate about. Why? FEAR.

Sure everybody needs money and having a job is a means to sustain yourself but why do you make such massive sacrifices for a job?

I know what its like to have a mortgage and a daughter in an expensive private school. I know what its like to feel the pressure of being the breadwinner commuting to work everyday to put in my hours so I could collect a paycheck.

That said I was SO passionate about getting out of that situation that I was willing to do ANYTHING! No bull.

I sold damaged and recovered electronics on ebay.
I bought and sold guitars
I sold watches and jewelry on ebay.
I sold custom pool tables,
I taught myself graphics and html and sold media services.
I learned to record and edit audio and video and sold those services I learned how to integrate software and manage projects
I learned how to professionally network
I started teaching

I simply took MASSIVE ACTION on a level most WON’T.

The end result was I emancipated myself from the system.

I fired my boss and got control of my time.
I traveled the world and stayed in great hotels,
I reclaimed my health and lost 140 pounds.
I learned to design a life I dont need a vacation from

Now I still work hard but on my own terms. I have learned how to make money doing what I am passionate about and therefore I don’t really feel like it’s work.


EVERYBODY wants. EVERYBODY dreams but few rise to the occasion and pursue their passions.

They make excuses like “I don’t have enough time” “I don’t have enough money” and that proclamation becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.

If you want your life to change then you have to change things in your life!

Don’t be like the masses that make sacrifices for a corporation. Bet on yourself! Be willing to try and risk failure. Take some risks and go all in on your dreams! There are no guarantees in life. You could fail but at least you didn’t settle for average.

Learn to create passive income and get paid daily with in our new crypto university.  There are founder positions still available.

The transfer of wealth is happening.  Don’t let the gold rush pass you by.

Mainstream Media Fear Mongering As bitcoin Continues To Rise

As public awareness of bitcoin grows and more people purchase bitcoin for the first time we are seeing a surge in its value.  As of Dec 17th 2017 BTC is over $19,000 and has climbed back from its correction on the last bounce.  

As regulated trading in bitcoin futures begins it seems the institutional players can no longer ignore the electronic gold that is bitcoin.  That said we are seeing more talking heads assassinating bitcoin in the media as the globalist banking cartels retaliate with fear and disinformation.  Like this latest headline out of the BBC

Bitcoin buyers should be prepared to lose all their money

A statement issued by Andrew Bailey The Chief Executive of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom.  Bailey went on to say in his interview that the because bitcoin lacks backing by governments and central banks that putting money in bitcoin is not a safe and secure investment.  This is an asinine statement made by a paid shill in an effort to spread fear or at the minimum disinformation about the viability of bitcoin but… we’re not buying it!

Even as the paid bobble heads for the Banking cartels spew their nonsense we are seeing institutional and retail investors flock to bitcoin and other cryptos en masse.  

Global exchanges are offering futures contracts.  This a traditional instrument or a derivative that obligates a trader to either buy or sell an asset at a specific time or price.  The implementation of futures contracts is yet another forward step in the legitimization of cryptocurrencies yet the talking heads like Bailey are still making baseless claims and attempting to use fear to control the masses.

In the information age we live in they are grabbing at straws.  The people have access to millions of sources of information out there and no longer need or trust these organizations like the FCA to ensure their safety.  Funny how these globalist run organizations use “public safety” as a ruse to enslave the masses and indoctrinate them into a system of control using a fiat monetary  system that THEY regulate.

As the inevitable collapse of the US Dollar draws closer Bobble heads like Bailey will put the blame on bitcoin but we know better.



Acquiring and hoarding bitcoin is the smartest thing you can do to secure your future in the uncertain times we live in safe from the meddling of Central banks and governments.

We have turned the page on the lies and manipulations of globalist run institutions like the FCA.  It’s the beginning of a new era and the dayspring is going to be glorious!  Welcome to the dawn.

Top 5 Cryptocurrencies reach 415 Billion Dollar Market Cap & We’re Not Even Close To A Bubble!


The meteoric rise of bitcoin has been turning heads for months now and in all the headlines of mainstream media they are shouting that the bubble is going to burst.  How ludicrous to predict the bubble will burst when we have less than 2% penetration.

All the experts are predicting Bitcoin will climb as high as 100k in 2018 and the biggest reason is that the general public is just becoming interested in Bitcoin.  Go to any coffee shop or grocery store and ask people if they have heard of bitcoin and most are clueless.   Some may have heard of it but they are not using it.  And this fact is why calling it a bubble is a bonkers notion.

The truth is it’s one of the most exciting times to be involved in the cryptocurrency game as they continue to grab market share.

bitcoin Leads The Pack

With a 275.1 Billion market cap and a year to date rise of 1,590.5% bitcoin covers the most ground and has seen the highest valuations.

Because of the rapid climb in valuation as more people purchase it than ever before the transaction times have slowed considerably.  We have also seen rising transaction fees as a result all part of the growing pains of this most sought after electronic gold.

Etherium is Number 2

Etherium or Ether sits at a 71.1 Billion market cap and an 8,882.6 year to date rise. Ether’s built in smart contract technology makes it unique and it’s transaction times are much faster than bitcoin.  It also costs less to mine and is the focus of many mining pools.

Bitcoin Cash

Coming in at number three is bitcoin Cash (BCH) with a market cap of 33 billion and a rise of 229.6% since it was created.  Many thought that BCH was going to take over and be the “real” bitcoin but history has proven that its original incarnation (BTC) has held.  That said there are many people involved in mining and trading BCH and its valuation continues to rise.


ripple has a market cap of 21.8 billion and a year to date rise of 8,479.8 percent.  Developed to be a cross border solution for financial institutions ripple has had challenges with international transaction times as well as high fees for small transactions thereby negating its viability for smaller transactions.


#5 is Litecoin

It’s market cap is 16.5 Billion and it has a year to date rise of 6,859.6 percent.

Litecoin has VERY fast transaction times and of the group here is most closely fashioned after Bitcoin. Litecoin’s focus is simple, fast and secure transactions.


When They Call It A Bubble “POP” their Fantasy

We have a long way to go before we see saturation.  a LONG way.  Now is the best time to be trading, acquiring and hoarding bicoin and other Cryptos and the numbers don’t lie.

If you haven’t purchased your first bitcoin yet or you’re looking for a way to acquire it passively with little money out of pocket then visit our new platform.  We call it eCoin University and we are in prelaunch right now.  You can begin learning and gaining bitcoin with ease all while you receive a world class crypto education.

Look for more timely articles on bitcoin here and visit my training tab for hours and hours of free training on team building, leadership and personal development.

Thanks for looking and keep looking up!

Flying in a Copter over daytona Beach!

How Network Marketing Has Changed ; A Look Back


Even as a preteen I was an entrepreneur.  I did a paper route, I did odd jobs on a regular basis for neighbors.  In the winter I shoveled snow, in the summer I helped out at the Yacht club doing every menial task that nobody else wanted to do.  I even sold weed.  (don’t judge me I wasn’t Pablo Escobar) My point is I was ALWAYS looking for the next hustle.

When I was in my early 20’s i remember thumbing through a USA Today magazine at all the “Get Rich” ads in the back.  There were ads for stuffing envelopes, or sending out postcards.  Ads for t-shirt distributorships or mail order businesses.  

I was addicted to the grind and I LOVED the game.  I studied everyone’s hustle to learn as much as I could.

But before the Internet the landscape was VERY different present day.

The most powerful advertising medium was still television and I watched many late night infomercials

Don Lapre in the 80s

I bought Don Lapre’s course about placing “Tiny Ads”.  

I bought Tony Robbins on cassette.  

I bought Carlton Sheets.  


Then I found network marketing.  I joined wellness companies and I even joined an outright pyramid cash gifting thing way back in the day.

ALL of them have one thing in common.  They advertise that it’s WAY easier than it is.   It felt like a bait and switch.  They gave me unrealistic expectations took my money, gave me a convoluted plan that wasn’t vetted and left me to “figure it all out” leaving me disillusioned.    

I remember thinking back then “Man I wish success was easy”  Have you ever felt this way?

In the 80’s all I had for a coach was a cassette or maybe a VHS video.  In my early network marketing days I had no mentor, no roadmap and building a network was never so hard.  

We had to invite friends and family to hotel meetings.  Ever try to get somebody to come to a meeting after work in the winter when there’s snow on the ground?  

I would fight rush hour traffic in the dark of winter after I finished my house painting job.  Tired and grimy I would shower, scarf some fast food while I was driving and fight the snow and elements to get to the hotel meeting just to find my prospects all stood me up.  

Then there was the financial commitment.  Beside going on auto-ship of some product(s) We used to have to buy VHS or audio cassettes and hand them out to people.  

We used to fly to all the events and spend money on travel and hotels to “catch the vision”. 

We were told to talk to EVERYBODY in slapping distance and purchase EVERYTHING to become a product of the product.

We were told we needed to do all these things if we wanted to become successful and be leaders.  Frankly it was bullshit.  The odds of getting on stage and collecting the oversized check were pretty slim.  We were indoctrinated into a cult.  The CULTure was to make proselytes and followers that buy into the false gospel of prosperity all the while going broke as they spend what little money they have on products they don’t use to get free from their day job.

What Insanity!!!!!!!

After years and years of trial and error.  Tens of thousands spent on hard learned lessons and training.  Thousands upon thousands of hours spent learning software, funnels, traffic, media, team building etc I can say with conviction that I have cracked the code and developed a system that truly is EASY!

  • My system will save you time
  • Automate your income
  • Get you free leads
  • Work for you while you sleep
  • Leverage the efforts of a team
  • Give you a world class cptory education
  • Set you free

If you can copy and paste then you can make money utilizing my system!  You can do it in your socks!  If you’re looking for a home based business that you can truly automate while you’re busy living your life then THIS IS IT!

Those of you that love the grind will appreciate this hustle.  Join my group at

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Health Truly Is Wealth, Here’s Why


Today I’m blogging about health and nutrition and how it assists you in business.  This article won’t be about what to eat or what exercise to do, there are millions of fitness gurus out there for that.  I’m just connecting how health is related to success.

One interesting problem with American culture and many cultures around the world is we don’t prioritize our health.  We spend so much time pursuing the American dream by working and commuting that we sacrifice our health and as a result we spend the second half of our lives spending the money we made on hospitals, operations and prescription drugs in an attempt to regain our health.

In my early days as as an entrepreneur I worked so much I sacrificed my health to such a degree I was essentially handicapped.  At over 300 pounds I had diabetes and my knees hurt everyday.  The combination of poor diet, overeating, sedentary lifestyle (sitting in front of the computer 16 hours a day) and no exercise nearly killed me.

Society had convinced me that consumerism was the most important thing.  I spent so much time toiling to acquire “stuff” that I lost myself and it has taken me years to recover from being morbidly obese.

OK, those of you that know me know that even now I’m not skinny.  But I CAN say that I’m reasonably healthy and still on my way to even BETTER health.  

Before and after since I reclaimed my health.
On the left I’m busting at 340+ pounds. On the right me today a svelte 220 (and still dropping)

I have noticed a direct correlation between diet and overall fitness and success.  The healthier I got the better I felt.  The better I felt the more success I attracted.  One of the things that energizes your life is your passion and excitement.  How can you muster the passion and drive needed for success if you are in a constant battle with your health


Reclaiming my health has been a long journey but through it I have learned to make healthy eating (most of the time) a priority along with exercise.  Living this way has allowed me to operate on a higher level in business and also experience more joy, more fulfillment and more excitement in my everyday.

When I am walking say 8 to 12 miles a week and eating lots of organic green leafys I simply feel better and experience more joy and this addiction to feeling good keeps my getting back on the horse everyday.  

I believe most Americans have lost their measuring stick on feeling good.  Our processed microwave diets have us filling our stomachs yet starving or bodies.  Many people are walking around dehydrated and the poor diet, lack of exercise state of dehydration has them in a fog affecting their ability to execute on a high level.  It’s like we’re walking around uninspired and hazy and what’s worse is that has become status quo, we have forgotten what it feels like to feel good!

Making your health a priority is a life skill we ALL need to practice.  What point is being wealthy if you’re too sick to enjoy it?

I truly believe at the ripe age of 51 (52 in a few weeks as of this writing) that health is wealth and I derive intense joy from living this healthy lifestyle.  


This morning I had planned to walk with a friend.  We said unless it rains we will walk at 5:15 A.M.  Then of course it rained and I was let down because I really was looking forward to walking.

At 5:02 my friend texted me and I was expecting him to cancel but he said “on my way”. WOW!  We were going to walk in the rain and we did!

There is an ethereal feeling when you are up before the sun, walking in the city before the traffic in the rain.  Your creative juices start flowing and you feel like you got the jump on everyone else.  They say your most productive time is in the morning so getting some exercise in before you start work is the perfect activity to set you up for a successful day in entrepreneur-land.   

The best gift you will ever give yourself is health.  Loving yourself enough to commit daily to nutrition and exercise will reap rewards in all areas of your life not just business.

You will find your cognitive thinking skills will improve and you will also find your spirits will be higher and you will be more optimistic.  As a business person you are a problem solver.  Success is really just an exercise in showing up everyday, doing the mundane things that must be done and solving problems.  When your health and nutrition is right you will become a beast at solving problems and getting shit done!

It becomes a beautiful cycle.  The closer you get to your goals the more joy and passion you feel. This feeling of joy and optimism will follow you into every situation.  It’s far easier to deal with the challenges of life and business when you are optimistic and the red hot coal bed of passion will heat up every situation.

So if your health hasn’t been a priority in your life let me encourage you that it’s NEVER too late to start.  You can make the decision this minute that you will start eating healthy and exercising and then simply just do it!

Not only will you feel better physically but you will feel better about yourself and this will give you confidence in all areas.  You were born for greatness!  You were born to inspire others.  You have something unique to share with the world and getting and staying healthy will ensure that you are here long enough to make an impact and leave a legacy.

Don’t wait another minute.  Decide now that you will begin the journey of reclaiming your health and start truly living!

Hiking in Hawaii, 4 years earlier I couldn’t walk a flight of stairs due to my weight and pain in my knees.

Your Thoughts, Beliefs & Actions Decide Your Future

If you want new experiences to come into your life then you have got to do something NEW.  We have all heard that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result.

Interestingly in order to DO something new, something new must rise up and out of YOU!  New ways of thinking, new beliefs and new actions.  All of these will work in conjunction to change your path and steer you in a new direction but ultimately it starts with your thought life.

So…What are you thinking?  Consider this.  Every thought you have had in the past has brought you to this exact place in your life.  But more than that, it wasn’t just your thoughts but more importantly your BELIEFS.

Thinking you would like to win the Tour de France certainly won’t make it happen.  The only thing that will get you there is years of hard work and training.  In order to subject yourself to this type of commitment will require your passionate belief that you CAN in FACT win the Tour de France!  If you lacked the faith that it was in your power to accomplish then you certainly would never last the grueling workout regimen or sacrifices necessary.

How do you expand your ability to believe?  Hang around with big thinkers!  Surround yourself with people that are solutions minded and not problems focused.  Tap into personal development daily.  Become a personal development freak and feed your brain with stories of people that inspire you.


A few years ago I was a support vendor for an exploding company.  I had an exclusive relationship and I had worked very hard to design a system and a delivery method that allowed me to make incredible daily income while not taking more than about an hour a day of my time.

My first month I exceeded over 100k after all my expenses were covered.  My 2nd month I did a little better than the first and after 5 months of this type of income, I was feeling pretty good about myself.  I really thought “I had arrived”.

I had a business friend contact me and he was pursuing me to promote a program he had developed.  I told him I wasn’t interested, I was making over 100k a month.  Money wasn’t a problem for me and I didn’t want another project commanding more of my time.

He convinced me to meet him at The Atlantis resort in Paradise Island Bahamas because he wanted to SHOW me some documentation and even if we didn’t connect on his business….we would spend 4 days in tropical paradise.  Seemed reasonable to me so I flew in on HIS dime and He put me up in a nearly $2,000 a night suite.

The next morning I visited him in his Penthouse.  As one of his three butlers was serving us breakfast in the opulent dining area overlooking the ocean he logged into a few of his e commerce vendors.  He showed me daily deposits of around 100k.  I said DAILY deposits!  I nearly fainted.  Here I was feeling pretty good about myself.  Feeling like I had “arrived”.  I was making 100k a month and then I saw documentation of 100k a DAY!  I was speechless.

I watched him show me MONTHS of daily deposits.  He was averaging around 3 million a month online and that moment forever expanded what I could believe for.

“your mind is like a parachute…It doesn’t work if it’s not open”

That day I was OPEN to new possibilities.  That experience helped me to dream bigger.  It helped me to believe for bigger.  Believing for bigger gave me confidence to take steps forward and hanging around with him and other like minded people has helped me stay on my path.

I just felt like if HE could do it then I could do it and this thought encouraged me in times of weakness or self doubt and overall caused me to step up my game as a marketer and businessman.

So what about you?  How do you feel when you learn of a person making 100k a day online? Does it inspire you?  Or…does it take the wind out of your sails?

Thats one thing that is in your power.  You can decide how you process the information.  You can look at it with inspiration as I did or you can look at it with skepticism.

The point of this story is to encourage you to think big, believe for bigger, hang around with like minded people and live each day with passion and courage!

SUCCESS is a mindset not a destination.  It is a radio broadcast frequency not your end game.

DECIDE success right this very moment.  BELIEVE you are successful and then attack massively your dreams!

Whether you think you can attain them of whether you think you can’t you are absolutely right.  The choice is yours.

When you truly BELIEVE anything is possible that is when you bend reality to your will.  That is when you step into the divine and new experiences come crashing in.

I hope this talk has inspired you!

Here is a gallery from that trip:

Until next time this is Tom Cellie saying…

“Live Well, Love Well and God Bless”

Celebrate YOU Today!

I was praying this morning and it occurred to me to be mindful how blessed I am. Of course I am grateful for every blessing, every day and the people in my life that are invested in me. But….more than being grateful I think we have a responsibility to make each day a celebration.
Seriously. We should be celebrating this life every day! We live in a world of infinite possibility! NOTHING is static, NOTHING is set.
We get to DECIDE what experiences the future holds for us and celebrate the joy of living.
I believe it’s not about the destination but the journey. When I wanted to learn guitar it was a joy practicing, writing and dreaming about walking out that vision.
I was “becoming” an artist, a better musician, a better performer and the joy of becoming was my celebration. The times I got on stage and everything clicked, the band was perfectly tight or I did a solo that melted faces was all celebration of the gifts I had been given and the work I had put in to experience that moment in time.

Every Time I sat down to practice or to write I was celebrating who God made me to be. By nurturing a gift and stepping into my calling I was honoring my creator and showing gratitude for the thing he had made (ME!)!!!!!!!
Today you might be facing adversity. You may have many pressures pushing on you. You may be uncertain about the future. Life is full of obstacles and hardships for ALL of us. Good News. You will rise above it! Celebrate in this very moment the amazing, incredible one of a kind brilliant person that you are! You have the power to create any reality you want!
Know that you are NOT alone. That God loves you and is with you every second. Know that He is always working to bring about good in your life. Know that every adverse situation and hardship only serves to make you stronger, smarter and ultimately better.
Shake off the gloom and get excited! Everything can change in a moment! It just takes a decision. Look at your life and acknowledge that every thought and action brought you to this current place and if you’re not happy with your current reality, it is WELL in your power to change it!
There is nothing more powerful than a made up mind! Make up your mind that you will celebrate everything good and bad in your life. Decide that whatever let downs you experience you will not give them the power to alter your enthusiasm.


You are a living miracle! You can affect change! You can inspire others! You can love epically! You can choose happiness and choose love.
Every minute and every heartbeat is a gift. Don’t waste it with negative thoughts. Make your life a celebration and epic journey.

I am grateful for you today. Lets celebrate!

Is Knowledge Power?


All of us have heard the famous saying “Knowledge Is Power”  Don’t believe it.  There are plenty of well educated people walking around that are weak.  They have weak incomes, weak bank accounts and weak work ethic.

They are living proof that having knowledge is only the first step.  It’s not knowledge that is power…it is the APPLICATION of knowledge thats power!  Those that don’t hustle are bound to tussel.  If you want resounding success it is imperative that you show up every single day and do the work!

Now….there are plenty of people working hard but not in a specific way.  This is why success requires a formula.  Working hard at the wrong things will never cause you to fall into success.  You will simply become disillusioned and leave the industry altogether this is why you need the proper mentor.

There truly IS a formula to success and it starts with you

  1.  Finding the right mentor
  2.  Learning voraciously
  3. Showing up everyday and APPLYING what you learn

Make no bones about it.  Success in marketing offers many perks found nowhere else but it DOES require a major investment from you.   Not just financially but in ongoing personal development, content creation and working in a specific way as taught by your mentor.

So next time you hear somebody say knowledge is power you can politely correct them.

Bring your hustle everyday, apply your knowledge and build your empire!

How To Become An Authority In Any Niche By Authoring Content

If you want to be viewed as an authority then you must be a consistent and effective author. The word “Authority” has the word “Author” in it.
So people that are considered the authority typically are the people that “author” (publish articles, create video trainings, write books, develop courses) the most and establish themselves as the authority by providing tons of free value.
Authoring content makes you an authority
The biggest leaders in Network and Affiliate marketing are the ones that are constantly creating content to empower and equip their teams.
This means if you want to be a leader you must create content regularly. If you want to be an authority you must become an author.
Think about it. When you have a problem, where do you go to find help? An authority of course.
This is why lawyers have specific niches. They become authorities in their niche and thereby outrank all others making them the first call when a client needs an expert in that niche.
I have spent years and years becoming an authority in multiple niches from marketing to program development to multimedia.
I have learned to LIVE my passions and design a life I don’t need a vacation from but I certainly didn’t start out as an authority.
When you see a leader in our industry what you are witnessing is someone who is further in their journey than you are. They have had more time and focus than you thats all.
If you want to make breakout income then first you must breakout the content. Making content is a way of life. It is a legacy and should be part of your DMO = Daily Method of Operation.
This is how you flex your marketing muscles, this is how you positively influence others and this is how you establish yourself as an authority.
It takes focus, commitment and courage but the rewards are WORTH IT!
So to all of you future authorities out there I look forward to seeing the works that you author daily.
I KNOW you can do it!

Did You “SMASH IT” In 2016?


Man I have heard alot of negative statements about how awful 2016 was for them and how glad they are to be over with it. Its a great time for introspection.

If it was a rough year for you then why?

How much of what contributed to your year being less than awesome do you take responsibility for?

What would you do differently?

I wont say the past year for me was perfect, I had some struggles but I keep it in perspective. After never having been in my life. I visited 3 locations in South East Asia on someone else’s dime. I made some epic friendships, lost more weight, grew a little and learned some valuable lessons that have really helped me get more joy out of each moment.

I also had a 6 year relationship end, left my home in Kansas City after living there 20 years and had some challenges in business that at the time seemed insurmountable.

One of my favorite sayings is

“I either win or I learn”

It held true for me in 2016. I feel more prepared for epic greatness than ever before and I have no regrets whatsoever.

If you feel like “SMASHING” it in 2017 by all means PM me. I am launching some big things this year with the help of a couple million dollar earners and you won’t want to miss it!

I’m grateful for another day and a fresh do-over to make a difference and leave a legacy.

If you are reading this please know that I LOVE YOU.

Christmas In Eastwood City Philippines


It’s that time of year again.  My FAVORITE time of year and most definitely my favorite seasonCHRISTMAS!


What can I say?  I’m a sucker for the sappy Hallmark movies, the decorations, the nonstop Christmas carols on the radio and the shiny objects that can be found all over starting immediately after Halloween.

I believe the underlying spirit of Christmas is love.  It’s when the best comes out in people. When a higher ideal takes over and goodwill towards men is silently translated in action and deed.

The nightly news posts stories of food pantry’s feeding people and toy drives for the needy.  And we LOVE to see those stories don’t we?  It’s nice to see something positive and uplifting every once in a while since the mass mind control media typically spreads doom and gloom 24/7.

We all want to see that there is still good in the world.  That there are good people doing selfless things.  That there is still charity and love bonding us together.


It’s only when we take personal responsibility to BE the change that the message of love is translated to others.


Is a call to action.  “Your light” is really the light of Christ.  Let the light of Christ shine before men is the spirit of that scripture and after all isn’t the whole point of Christmas to celebrate Christ?  I mean His name is in the word!  Christmas Is a holiday (HOLYday) to acknowledge the brith of the one who is the author of love and the light of the world.

It is a time when we become more self sacrificing and put the needs of others before our own.  It is the time when we get together with the ones we love and lavish our affections giving gifts and breaking bread.

We all want to make epic memories at Christmas.  If you’re a parent you want the best possible Christmas for your kids.  If you’re a grandparent you want the whole family together, if you’re a kid you want P-R-E-S-E-N-T-S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t know how we became so politically correct taking Christ out of Christmas by X-ing him out (Xmas).  I don’t know why we say Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas.  But since I am called to let my light shine before men I am bold about my faith.

The best decision I ever made was accepting Jesus as my savior.  It was a decision that has cataclysmically changed the course of my life for the better and I have seen fruit from my relationship with the one who made me every single day for the past 20+ years.


I am spending my first Christmas abroad.  My parents are both gone now and I have no immediate family within three thousand miles of me so I am spending Christmas in Eastwood.  And MAN I am excited!  I have learned to redefine the word family in this the fall of my life and to embrace people and relationships God has drawn into it wherever I find myself.

I pray this Christmas you make epic memories.  That you would be in the moment, take the mental snapshots and don’t sweat the little things.  Lead with love this Christmas and say the things that matter to the ones that matter most.  Don’t let shyness or fear keep you from telling people how much you love them or how much they mean to you.  Allow yourself to be uncomfortable and even a little corny.

You never remember entire days, you remember moments.  Make each moment count this Christmas and be thankful for just how blessed you truly are.

I’m going to be unapologetically politically incorrect and wish you a……..

Thoughts On Entrepreneurism

I think being an entrepreneur was hard coded into my DNA at an early age.

When I was in High school I dreamed about playing in bands.  I used to draw band logos in class and pictures of dudes jamming on stage.

On tour in 1992. I just finished playing Tampa Stadium a few days before.

After staying back in tenth grade because of lack of attendance in my second year repeating the tenth I quit school and hitchhiked to Florida to live my dream of playing music full time.

It was a gutsy decision that was filled with the unknown but I made the choice and I jumped.

I never realized it was the first step in exercising the entrepreneur muscle.  It was a leap of faith.  My passion and desire outweighed the fear of the unknown.

EVERY entrepreneur faces this.  The moment when you make a decision that catapults you into new territory.  A decision that makes you uncomfortable.  They say that bold moves are rewarded and I never met an entrepreneur that achieved massive success by being meek.

To be clear, i’m not talking about being reckless, I‘m talking about calculating the risks and then jumping in the face of fear and in the face of the unknown.  

14568149_10153716832602434_7707366035495598049_nI was a dropout with a dream.  I took a shot.  My passion and my talent took me all over.  It wasn’t easy but it was worth it.

I was blessed to play in front of 12 thousand people and I also played dive clubs for no money but took the leap and I never looked back!

When I met some people that made a full time income working from home I made the leap again.  It was scary at the time because I had a mortgage and a daughter in private school but I felt the reward outweighed the risk.

In my time as a consultant to the industry I have seen it all.  I have had unscrupulous people lie to my face and go out of their way to screw me and I have met awesome people that I have been in relationship with for years.

Here is a link to my old retail site, I haven’t updated it in 7 years

Looking back I can say that even though the road is rocky and fraught with unknowns, hindsight proves again that the rewards have far outweighed the struggles and the challenges.  

The longer I have been doing this, the more immune I have become to fear.  I have learned to strive forward and follow through even when the going is really rough.  It is a reflex now.  Some days I’m flying forward and other days I feel like i’m crawling in the mud but one thing is certain…

“I WILL follow through”.

Those of you that are dreaming of a better quality of life but afraid to take the steps I can assure you of one thing.  It is better to try and fail than to never try.

If you want to live an epic life then you have GOT to think Big and make epic moves!  You must JUMP!  Again, I’m not saying be reckless but I AM saying calculate the risks and bet on YOU!


You will find it forces you to become the person that you must be to live the life that you dream of.


You will find excitement in the transformation!


You will inspire others to dare to live their own dreams!


You will splash down in the pool of infinite possibility!

You can do and be anything you want in this life regardless of how old you are.  

There is joy in becoming but make no mistake…

you must JUMP!


Don’t Be “Don’t Minded”

So many people live their life focused on the things they DON’T want.  They spend their time worried about what they DON’T want to happen and they literally attract it into their lives subconsciously.
I call them “don’t” minded people.  Don’t minded people live the definition of insanity.
“Don’t minded people have no passion or power to attract anything amazing into their lives.
This is why I focus on what I DO want and not what I don’t.
“DO” minded people can’t help but manifest their dreams because every moment is colored with extreme passion, hope and excitement.
They are a joy to be around.  When they walk into a room the lights get brighter.  They draw people in with their infectious attitude.  They are true leaders that lead by DOING.  They are eternal optimists who spend each day imagining possibilities.
“DON’T” minded people are skeptical that anything good can happen.  If they won the lottery they would say something like “I hope I don’t lose it all”
Don’t minded people drain everyone around them and repel blessings because they are so uninspired, so lacking in imagination, so worried about taking risks that they never really LIVE.
Your attitude really DOES decide your altitude!  Becoming a “DO” Minded person takes practice but its worth the effort.  Don’t you want to wake up every morning filled with inspiration and living the day with passion?
Then focus on what you DO want.  LIVE with inspiration.  Design your perfect life by focussing on the things you DO want and running towards them with wild abandon!
To a DO minded person Can’t is just a belief.  You can DO ANYTHING once you make up your mind and start taking the steps.

One thing that I personally DO really want is to see YOU DOING the DO!

DO = Divine Order

YOU dear reader are divine!

#57 Art & Business


Today I’m talking about why innovation will always trump imitation. I believe we entrepreneurs are artists. I’m also discussing how social networking and and Internet has changed the way we interact and why there must be more of a commitment than ever if we want to build solid networks.

Creating engaging content and investing more into our “art” will reap great rewards when we remain focused and dedicate ourselves to the process.

Creating something meaningful and inspiring requires more focus and thought but the rewards will be commensurate with the emotional and time investment.

Social networking and network marketing are all about PEOPLE therefore we must focus on connecting with folks in an inspirational way and when we do, we will see our tribe grow and ultimately our influence.

I spent the day at City Market and walking the River in Kansas City Mo sooting and pontificating on how social media has changed everything.

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#56 Faith & Belief Or Destroying Doubt!


Many of us make statements like “I want that” The next day we say “I want that” What we are really doing is getting what we speak.

“I Want” leaves us wanting. It’s a different statement from “I am going to own that” Feel the difference?

I think that subtle difference in word choice speaks to a deeper root in many of us that is seeded in doubt or disbelief. On a deep inner level we are doubtful we will ever “OWN: the thing (insert the item like a house or a car)

So we say “I want” Instead of “I Will”. Ultimately it really comes down to belief. If there was no doubt we would never say want again!

Today I’m talking about we it is so important for us to initiate faith and eradicate all doubt! The simple juxtaposition of words and more importantly our stance is the difference between achieving and falling short.

Doubts are just thoughts and thoughts can change. Of this I have no doubt! Enjoy!

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Overcoming Fear

If you are considering a business opportunity and you experience fear or doubt…as in “what if I can’t make this money back”? “What if I lose this money”? “What if I fail”?

I recommend you go back to what you were doing. DON’T waste your time or your sponsor’s time.

“There is no room for fear or doubt in business”

indecisionYou must KNOW you are going to crush it even if the plan is not clear. You KNOW you will find a way or make one. You KNOW you will go all the way. You KNOW you will muster the resources You KNOW you will do whatever it takes.

If you agonize over a decision to join an inexpensive program then entrepreneurism is NOT for you.

Do the world a favor and stop lying to yourself and wasting everyone’s time. SERIOUSLY stop lying to yourself and do the personal work to get over that fear.

FEAR is what keeps EVERYONE from success.

Your desire for a better quality of life must OBLITERATE fear. Your passion for change must extinguish doubt! Success is a vibrational frequency and a mindset!

Fear is the frequency of people who give in and give up.

toothlessI know it sounds harsh but until your desire for positive change eclipses your fears and doubts you are wasting your time.

Biblically speaking Doubt = sin. What good can you possibly manifest if you are in doubt?

Doubt is the gateway to fear. Until you are convinced that success is yours and all obstacles will be overcome you should keep your day job.

I have heard people say I am afraid of failure that’s why I work so hard. I don’t agree with this mindset. Why? Because it’s still a negative motivator.

I would rather be driven by inspiration and not desperation.

Better to say….”I am SO excited about the possibilities that I can’t sleep”!

“I am SO clear on my vision of the future that It motivates me to take massive action”!

Doesn’t that resonate so much better?

fear1Be inspired people! Your inspiration will be your emancipation from status quo. Make fear your bitch!

The Struggle Makes Us Strong – Herculean Business Building

eddieWhen I was a kid I wanted to be the next Eddie VanHalen.  I was enamored with his playing style and spent many days dreaming of shredding like him in front of thousands of fans.

It was sort of an unrealistic dream.  Of course I DID learn to play like him and used to play “Eruption”  (likely only the musicians know what I’m talking about) note for note.

I mention this because as an entrepreneur the same vision and perseverance I used to learn to play guitar, I bring to my business.

We Entrepreneurs are visionaries.  We must see the end from the beginning.  We imagine new inventions and create things that do not yet exist.  Not only does it take creativity, imagination and vision but it takes unwavering resolve and persistence.

Taking something that exists only in imagination and birthing it into reality is a process that will test you on so many levels.  It’s not for the faint of heart it takes serious balls (yeah I said that) and commitment.

This is exactly why not everyone was born to be an entrepreneur.  Some people simply lack vision or passion or drive and that’s ok.  

As a touring musician and then a full time entrepreneur I have learned to bet on myself.  I have always been willing to take chances and trust that I will go through the fire and instead of being burned I will be strengthened.

Of course I have fallen on my face many many many many times.  But through all the struggle and failure there were lessons and experiences that made me better.

Like the old saying goes:  

“It’s the struggle that makes you strong”

embraceSo I have learned to embrace the pain knowing that there is no growth without it.  Knowing that even when I fail I learn.  To me success is not a destination but a journey and it’s the journey I am on that gives me all the satisfaction in the world.

I calculated that I must have about 25,000 hours invested into being an entrepreneur (that’s 4 hours a day of study across 18 years) but the truth is I likely have MORE because many days I spent more time than that.

25,000 hours learning to make media and graphics and marketing systems and editing video and audio and doing personal development and learning how to write ad copy and rolling out websites and developing brands and manage projects and on and on.

I am a professional student.  (I never call myself an expert because then I stop learning) but a professional student because I make MONEY doing what I study.

I am ramping up my new platform I call Blog Mogl.  It is something I have great vision and passion for.  I’m developing it not just for my own prosperity but because I want to make a positive impact in people’s lives and put something out into the world that offers amazing value and is founded on integrity.

dominatemonaI call it my Mona Lisa.  It’s my work of art that I labor over to create something beautiful for the world.  I have made sacrifices and turned down lucrative opportunities to build this.  I have labored in prayer over it and spent my days brooding over every aspect.  It’s a labor of love.

The average person has no clue what it takes to see a vision and a business through to completion in the marketplace.  They don’t see the battle scars from all the times I fell down.  They don’t see the hours and hours of study and sacrifice honing the craft.

If I do my job right they never will.  All they will see is an exquisite work of art and be blessed that it exists in the world.

You guys that know me already know I am passionate about life and people.  If you ever wanted to work with me and have been watching silently behind the scenes NOW is the time to reach out to me.  

I am taking Blog Mogl (along with my partner Tony) to a multi million dollar business inside of a year.  Remember I said it!

PM me and I will lay out a plan to put you into full time income selling big ticket without ever picking up the phone.  Success leaves clues.

Together we go, together we GROW!