If you want to be viewed as an authority then you must be a consistent and effective author. The word “Authority” has the word “Author” in it.
So people that are considered the authority typically are the people that “author” (publish articles, create video trainings, write books, develop courses) the most and establish themselves as the authority by providing tons of free value.
Authoring content makes you an authority
The biggest leaders in Network and Affiliate marketing are the ones that are constantly creating content to empower and equip their teams.
This means if you want to be a leader you must create content regularly. If you want to be an authority you must become an author.
Think about it. When you have a problem, where do you go to find help? An authority of course.
This is why lawyers have specific niches. They become authorities in their niche and thereby outrank all others making them the first call when a client needs an expert in that niche.
I have spent years and years becoming an authority in multiple niches from marketing to program development to multimedia.
I have learned to LIVE my passions and design a life I don’t need a vacation from but I certainly didn’t start out as an authority.
When you see a leader in our industry what you are witnessing is someone who is further in their journey than you are. They have had more time and focus than you thats all.
If you want to make breakout income then first you must breakout the content. Making content is a way of life. It is a legacy and should be part of your DMO = Daily Method of Operation.
This is how you flex your marketing muscles, this is how you positively influence others and this is how you establish yourself as an authority.
It takes focus, commitment and courage but the rewards are WORTH IT!
So to all of you future authorities out there I look forward to seeing the works that you author daily.
I KNOW you can do it!