Baby Steps: How To Move Forward In Business


So many of us want to change our circumstances over night. It doesn’t matter what situation your in, you can ALWAYS make more money right? Whether you are currently in lack, just making ends meet or having more to store ultimately unless your sitting on 100 million dollars, you probably feel a sense of urgency to make a better income, save more etc.

This feeling of urgency is good but it is so important that you set realistic expectations for what you want to accomplish. The internet is rife with opportunities promising huge money for little or no work. The TRUTH is there is no fast track to long term financial stability. Ladies and gentlemen if you want to create residual income, if you want to make money in your socks, if you want to work from anywhere you are going to have to develop, learn, grow and change. It’s January of 2013 as I write this and the first of the year is the BEST time to make a personal commitment to take control of your life and create an income stream that will give you the time freedom to enjoy all your passions, hobbies and family.

Assuming you have made that commitment, then all you really have to do is be consistent. Depending on your schedule, allocate a time that you are going to work on YOU and DO the work. Folks it can be as short as 15 minutes a day. I personally devote 2 hours minimum to building my empire. Some days I work 16 hours of course but EVERYDAY is an opportunity to make progress if you will just take the Baby steps.

Look at it like this. Don’t you owe it to yourself? Of COURSE you do and YOU are the one who loses if you fail to execute on the promises you make to yourself.

The world of marketing is pretty vast and you can lose thousands of hours to learning and developing so I recommend that you find a mentor. All the desire in the world is not enough if you are executing the wrong plan and in my own experience I wasted a ton of time and money before AI found someone who was documented and I started LISTENING to them and DOING what they told me to do.

Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day

I remember when I first decided I wanted to do media for hire. I wasn’t really good. I was just starting out and if I got a person to give me even $200 dollars to develop a site I was ecstatic! I did my utmost best on every project no matter how little I was being compensated. I starved I sacrificed and I stayed laser focused. NOBODY was going to convince me (not even my wife) that I couldn’t make a full-time income from home.

Boy did I take my lumps. Every experience good or bad was a learning an growing experience. I never let go of the dream though and I took the baby steps everyday. Now when I look back at all I have learned I am blown away. More than a decade has passed and it sure doesn’t feel that long.

These days I am a personal development freak. I love to learn and it is part of my everyday. It is SO important that you sincerely LOVE this industry. Doing what you love really doesn’t feel like work and even when I am working long hours, I am still having fun.


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  • Make The Commitment

  • Allocate time everyday and be consistent

  • Do not set goals too high you fail to achieve them

  • Love yourself enough to forgive yourself when you fail, get up FAST and get back on track

  • Above all have fun and be grateful

This life can be glorious when we focus on the positives and take great joy in the journey.  I am so glad to be in this space and if you are reading this, then it is likely we have met or will meet soon.  Take the Baby steps with me.  I KNOW you are desitned for greatness and if I can help you don’t hesitate to contact me.

Learn and DO what works:

“You Only Live Once”!

Tom Cellie