Being an Entrepreneur is just as much a mental battle as it is an exercise in skill. We entrepreneurs are constantly problem solving and dealing with uncertainty.

Have you ever had an expectation in business and had it fail to get met? Sometimes the best laid plans turn to rust and we are forced to adjust our attitudes and make a plan B.

Today I am talking about mindset and attitude as it relates to your home business and the importance of balance. i also discuss tactics to keep you in the state of flow and manage your emotions when you have a letdown in your network marketing business or even in your personal life.

Mastering the mundane is a large part of the success formula. Simply showing up EVERYDAY and doing the work. But how do you find the mental toughness and the wherewithal to consistently show up?

Here are some thoughts and tips to help propel you forward when life hands you lemons. Raise your glass of sweet sweet lemonade and toast. CHEERS!

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