I have been focused on the subject of habits this past week (See my past few talks on willpower and forming habits) but what do you do when you attempt to make a habit and fail?

This is an important issue because many of us allow negative self talk to take us out of the game even longer when we fail to keep the promises we make to ourselves.

The truth is in most cases we are our own worst enemies. We beat ourselves up when we fail and this negative response actually keeps us down longer than need be.

I said in past talks that forming a habit takes a certain amount of willpower to accomplish and we must exercise our willpower when it’s string and while that is true sometimes….MANY times we are unsuccessful in incorporating a new habit on the first try.

So today I am dedicating this talk to how you pick yourself up when you fail. It is mostly a mental exercise and I will cover the mindset needed to forge this new habit in the face of failing and falling as well as what it takes to minimize the downtime and get back on the horse and RIDE!

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