teamIt’s no secret that network marketing is a leadership business model.  Its all about empowering, equipping and creating leaders.  Whats a leader?  A person who moves the needle.  A person who takes a leadership role and is actively involved in creating other leaders and growing their business.

How would you like to increase the number of active people on your team?  How would you like to be in daily communication with others connected to your business that are getting the work done, growing their organization and impacting your monthly income in a positive way?

The following four tips will increase your success by inspiring others to be successful.

Tip #1.  Sort your team into business builders, potential business builders and product users.

Breaking your team into these three categories will ensure that you spend your time where it will be most effective.  You will want to spend 80% of your time with your business builders. 15% of your time with your potential business builders and 5% if your time with your customers.

Of course EVERYONE has the same opportunity to rise to become leaders but not everybody will step up and do it so part of your job is to assess your teams level of commitment and then spend the majority of your time with those who are not wasting it.    

This may seem obvious to you but it is a fact that spending too much time and energy with the wrong people is a major problem in our profession.  Many times we expend energy with people based on the relationship we had BEFORE they joined us in business.  I use a simple rule to ensure my time isn’t wasted.  I don’t spend my time where it is wanted, I only spend it where it is DESERVED.    

Tip # 2. Form a mastermind group with your builders.

If you’re just starting out maybe you don’t have any builders yet.  No worries.  Having just one other person to communicate with on a regular basis will make such an impact on the both of you that you will wonder how you ever went it alone.  Have a regular mastermind meeting at least once a week.  Set a specific day and a time and hold everyone accountable to be there.    

Establish what skills each person has to contribute to the team and formulate a strategy to utilize each person’s skills for the betterment of the team.  Always remember that this is a team sport and being on the right team just like in professional sports is an important factor in your success.  The more the team has going for it then the more benefits you have to offer new members and this will aid you in closing new prospects by sharing the benefits your team offers.

Tip # 3.  Set up a weekly webinar, Hangout or Skype group call for everyone on your team

Do a presentation of the business or invite a company leader to interview.  Keep people inspired and “amped up” by plugging them into something unique to your team.  I like to do a business presentation and then invite people to stay on the line for some training at the end.  The point is to offer value, value, value!  

Tip #4.  Have a duplicatable system  

You must have a system that allows a person from any walk of life to utilize it.  Whether a person is 18 or 80 your system must be easy and DO-able for everybody.  The Five Dollar Funnel marketing system was devised to be “grandma proof”  Bill and I developed it with the philosophy that if “grandma” couldn’t use it then it was too complicated.  

We designed a simple video tour that does all the heavy lifting.  We put orientation videos on every page.  We created engaging videos to explain the compensation plan and the business opportunity and we painstakingly developed the best training that can be found for success in our industry.

Without a system such as this then success in our profession would only be for the high level entrepreneur but WITH our system people from all over the world can find success with point, guide and direct ease.

If this article has given you value, share it out using our simple system!

Enjoy the day,