Network Marketing promises the alot but MANY people fail to prepare themselves for battle. They have unrealistic expectations about what a home based business can do for them and they too few leaders out there are giving them realistic expectations.

The bottom line is network marketing IS a better way but the time freedom and income won’t come without a fight. Are you ready?

My experience has been that just when you decide you are going all the way with an opportunity or a company. Just when the ink is still drying on the contract you get hit with some unforeseen obstacle.

It’s like adversity is waiting to hammer you. To knock you back and take the wind out of your sails and that’s when you need to stand firm in your resolve and fight! Nothing worth having comes easy.

If you are a home based business pro, an affiliate marketer or a network marketer you have probably experienced the curve balls life tends to throw at you while you pursue your dreams.

This talk is all about why your dreams are worth fighting for.

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