Many of us make statements like “I want that” The next day we say “I want that” What we are really doing is getting what we speak.

“I Want” leaves us wanting. It’s a different statement from “I am going to own that” Feel the difference?

I think that subtle difference in word choice speaks to a deeper root in many of us that is seeded in doubt or disbelief. On a deep inner level we are doubtful we will ever “OWN: the thing (insert the item like a house or a car)

So we say “I want” Instead of “I Will”. Ultimately it really comes down to belief. If there was no doubt we would never say want again!

Today I’m talking about we it is so important for us to initiate faith and eradicate all doubt! The simple juxtaposition of words and more importantly our stance is the difference between achieving and falling short.

Doubts are just thoughts and thoughts can change. Of this I have no doubt! Enjoy!

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