The biggest reason people fail in their network marketing business is they fail to speak to enough people.  That’s IT.  It has nothing to do with talent, it has nothing to do with charisma, it has nothing to do with ability to sell, it has nothing to do with product knowledge.

People fail because they simply do not expose their opportunity enough.  Of course there are contributing factors as to why they fail like poor attitude or misguided priorities but ultimately it comes down to sheer numbers.  This should be encouraging news because it means that ANYBODY can succeed in network marketing.

You see as you pique people’s interest in your business over and over a pattern starts to form.  This pattern becomes an average.  One person might expose an opportunity to ten people and average three enrollments, another might expose ten and average one.  Of course there are many factors that come into play in order to get your average up but the point of this talk is to encourage you to take MASSIVE action and I promise you will start to see a pattern appear.consistent

One of my early mentors taught me that is you want to be hugely successful then you need to expose 2000 people to an effective presentation.  Can you imagine?  Are you capable?  If that’s all it took for you to quit your job, to have time freedom, to travel the world, live on permanent vacation wouldn’t you do it as fast as possible?  Seriously folks.  

“Are you capable of exposing your business to at least 2000 people if it meant that you could live your dreams”?  

That’s the question that you have to ask yourself.  Because it is the biggest factor standing between you and success.  Not talent, not social or economic status, not environment.  It is a simple exercise in numbers that will reveal an average.  Talk to ten, close one  Then talk to one hundred and close ten.

Smiling girl wearing bikini and straw hat using laptop at the seaDon’t you want wild resounding success?  Don’t you want breakout income?  If I told you exactly how to do it in this talk would you?  

OK, here is the key to making more money than doctors and lawyers in network marketing drum roll please….

Say as little as possible as fast as possible, to as many people as possible!

That’s IT!  Shout it from the rooftops you now know the secret! Take massive action and tell as many people a humanly possible and you WILL create momentum!


One of the contributing factors that causes people to fail is their EGO.  They just cannot believe it’s as simple as that.  They feel like they need to add to the formula.  They feel like they need to be experts on the product, or they need to practice selling.  They start imagining new ways to build the business, ways that aren’t proven and ways that likely will not work.

How you expose or pique interest is another story.  You can use social media, solo ads, belly to belly, list building via email and sms and on and on and THAT comes down to a matter of preference.  I will be covering various methods in future talks.  Remember our profession is the greatest in the world when it’s done right.  We are not salespeople, we are professional inviters.  

Invite as many people as you can to an effective presentation and watch your income and team grow.

I invite YOU to try it.  Make the decision that you will become a professional inviter and don’t let anything or anyone keep you from success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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