I composed a list on why I think blogging can help you on your journey of self discovery and make you a more well rounded human being both personally and professionally.

  1. You’ll become a better communicator and story teller

Hands-Typing-on-Keyboard-CU-crop-and-resize-570x340Communicating is partly art and partly skill.  One major trait you will see among great leaders and great entrepreneurs or ANYONE successful is their ability to effectively communicate.

Blogging is all about communication and telling compelling stories or writing in a compelling way.  Your ability to communicate is essential for success in life and business and blogging regularly will help improve your ability to focus, articulate and communicate as well as improve your creativity and imagination.

  1.  You will become a more critical thinker

Deep_thinker_catWhen I blog I find myself pondering a lot.  Pondering is good.  It helps you look at things from many angles, broadens your opinions and deepens the pool from which you draw from.  It also helps you see the bigger picture faster by exercising your problem solving faculties as well as connecting you to your intuition.  Its like putting oil on a squeaky wheel except in this case its your brain that gets worked out so it functions quicker and with less strain.

  1.  You will live a more intentional life

My quest to create content that has value forces me to be intentional in what i’m reading, studying or taking in through my eyes and ears.  This reason alone is good enough to start blogging.  When you realize that the things you say could impact others positively you really begin intentionally looking for positive things to fill your head with and the net result is your own life gets positively impacted.

  1.  You will learn to focus on meaningful things

Blogging helps you to be attentive to the things that matter most.  The experiences and life lessons that are the most beneficial.  Sure everyone rants occasionally on their blog but your ability to filter out the fluff becomes mighty by focusing on the most compelling stories and content.  It’s the difference between making a post and making an IMPACT.

  1.  It will make you more consistent and deliberate

consistency-big1Success is more about showing up consistently than it is having unmatched super powered talents.  Blogging will force you to be more deliberate with your schedule and develop a regular DMO (daily method of operation) When you show up everyday you will fnd yourself on target.  Honing this skill is another stand alone reason to start blogging today.

  1.  You’ll inspire others

Blogging is a platform to share ideas, to educate, to share personal stories and overall invite others into your head.  It allows you to share your world view and it can be your platform to enhance the lives of anyone that wants to read what you have to say.  On one level it is a gift to your followers.  It’s you taking time and research to create a piece of content that may help them.  It’s you thoughtfully giving of yourself and everyone likes a free gift.  

I take extra time to make a graphic that is fun or inspiring and has synergy with the topic I’m writing about.  This extra work is like an Easter Egg for the reader.  It adds to the overall impact the entire post has and also conveys to the reader that I care about what I do.

You will gain fans, increase your tribe and your sphere of influence when you blog from this perspective.  It will stretch you and also endear you to your followers.

  1.  It Helps You Find Your Voice

I made a post on this specific subject HERE.  Developing your voice is like developing wine. Many vineyards make a Cabernet Sauvignon and ALL of them taste different.  Your voice is unique to you and developing it is an exercise in nurturing what God placed in you and sharing to the benefit of the world.  When you blog you get to know yourself more intimately and that intimacy is like a note in the wine that is your life.  

  1.   It will increase your confidence

Some people cringe at the thought of public speaking and some people cringe at the idea of sharing their deep thoughts with the world.  Believe it or not their EGO is in the way.  It’s a fragile ego that wants to shield you from scrutiny for fear that someone may not approve or worse have negative things to say about you.

Growing in confidence allows you to be bold and let your light shine for the world to see.  Sharing your insights and being vulnerable allows others to connect with your story and get the benefit from your experiences.  You need to be confident so you can have an impact on people.


  1.  You’ll have a platform

Ever notice how good it feels to share?  What good is finding an amazing new restaurant if you don’t share the news with people?  We love telling others when we find a new app, or a new recipe or book or have new insight.  When we share we care and there is joy in helping others.  Even if it is something as small as pointing people to a book or video that inspired you.  We humans were born to be social and having a platform is a wonderful thing 😉  (Have you noticed that each one of these points is a stand alone reason to start blogging?)

  1.  It’s rewarding

Anytime you share of yourself with others and the get positive feedback it is rewarding.  Success isn’t just measured by an income statement.  TRUE success is about impacting and influencing people in a positive way.  As a matter of fact, the more you give of yourself to others the more you will see your income increase but you must first be willing to give and blogging is a way of giving that can be truly rewarding.

You should try it.  Blogging is like a daily habit of becoming a more well rounded person.  A person of more influence.  A better communicator and a more mindful, deep thinking and intentional human being.

Blog about what you love and you are sure to get a charge out of it.  Find your voice and plant your feet.  Let your fingers do the walking and open up and let your voice be heard!   Be bold, the world needs a troubadour.